Neutron Technologies Division

The Neutron Technologies Division provides the technological tools required for the design, construction and operation of the neutron instruments at the ESS.

The development of cutting edge instruments requires a significant development effort in supporting neutron technologies in order that our instruments reach their full potential. Although significant progress has been made over the years in neutron optics, detectors, choppers, sample environments and electronics hardware it is important for ESS to continue in innovating and find solution for its special needs provided by our unique time pulsed time structure and high neutron flux environment. To enable and support the ESS instrument suite we have established in the following groups within the division:

  • Detector
  • Chopper
  • Neutron Optics
  • Electrical Engineering

Building up expertise within the groups is part of on-going strategy to ensure that critical instrument components are being looked after and research and development efforts can be allocated if necessary to further enhance ESS’ capabilities during the lifetime of the project. Find out more.

Oliver Kirstein Head of Neutron Technologies Division
Richard Hall-Wilton Group Leader Detector
Iain Sutton Group Leader Chopper
Phillip Bentley Group Leader Neutron Optics
Thomas Gahl Group Leader Electrical Engineering
Carina Höglund Researcher Neutron Detection
Kalliopi Kanaki Post-doc Neutron Detection
Anton Khaplanov Post-doc Neutron Detection
Thomas Kittelmann Post-doc Neutron Detection
Scott Kolya Research Engineer in Detector Electronic
Dorothea Pfeiffer Physicist Engineer
Francesco Piscitelli Post Doc in Neutron Detection
Irina Stefanescu Researcher in Neutron Detector Technologies
Maddi Echegaray Intern
Michail Anastopolous Lead Detector-Design Engineer
Anna Gulyachkina Detector Officer
Linda Robinson Coating Production Engineer
Judith Freita Ramos Deputy Work Package Officer
Tomasz Brys Detector Instrument Engineer
Erik Nilsson Development engineer
Dariusz Zielinski Development engineer
Markus Olsson Mechanical engineer
Nicklas Holmberg Electronics Engineer
Nikolaos Tsapatsaris Development engineer
Gabor László Development engineer
Nataliia Cherkashyna Post-Doc Neutron Optics
Carsten Cooper-Jensen Post-Doc Neutron Optics
Douglas Di Julio Post Doc Focusing Neutron Optics for Extreme Sample Enviroments
Damian Martin Rodriguez Post-Doc Neutron Optics
Carolin Zendler Post Doc Optics & Beam Delivery Systems
Valentina Santoro PostDoc Neutron Beam and Shielding
Torsten Bögershausen Engineer
Anders Sandström Electronics Engineer-Motion Control and Automation
Markus Larsson Electrical Engineer
Paul Barron Motion Control Engineer
Johannes Schmidt Junior Electrical Engineer - Automation
David Fitzgerald Test Engineer


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