Accelerator Organisation

The ESS Accelerator Division is responsible for the requirements for all systems for the accelerator and assures that core know-how for the full system is secured at ESS.
Accelerator Division organigram. Click to enlarge.
External collaboration partners will do the major part of the design update work and a large part of the construction. They are operating with a collaboration guided by a collaboration agreement and with individual contracts for each collaborator with significant work at ESS.
The work of the Accelerator Division is overseen by the Accelerator Management Team (AMT) and the Accelerator Technical Board (ATB). The ATB includes all work package leaders, the project management team and representatives for all the Accelerator partner institutes.

Accelerator Division Groups

Accelerator Division Management Team

Mats LindroosHead of Accelerator Division
Håkan DanaredDeputy Head of Accelerator Division / Group Leader Linac
John WeisendDeputy Head of Accelerator Projects / Group Leader Specialized Technical Services
David McGinnisGroup Leader Engineering Resources
Andreas JanssonGroup Leader Beam Physics, Operation & Beam Diagnostics
Anders SunessonGroup Leader Radio Frequency
Lali TchelidzeGroup Leader Safety
caroline.prabert [at] esss.se (Caroline Prabert)PA to Head of Accelerator Division
Inga.Tejedor [at] esss.se (Inga Tejedor)Team Assistant
abril.qaraeen [at] esss.se (Abril Qaraeen)Team Assistant
Matthew ConlonQA
Peo.Gustavsson [at] esss.se (Peo Gustafsson)In-Kind Manager
Ebbe.Malmstedt [at] esss.se (Ebbe Malmstedt)Consultant
Kent.Wigren [at] esss.se (Kent Wigren)Consultant
luisella.lari [at] esss.se (Luisella Lari)Consultant
Magnus.Israelsson [at] esss.se (Magnus Israelsson)Project Planning Officer
Lena.Gunnarsson [at] esss.se (Lena Gunnarsson )Project Planning Officer