First Medium Beta Cryomodule Arrived

Cryo Module hanging in the air
The cryo module is being lifted out of its container Photo: Roger Eriksson / ESS

LUND—After more than 1,500 km of road travel from France, the first prototype cryomodule for the medium beta elliptical section of the ESS linac arrived at ESS this morning. With a weight of six tonnes, it took nearly one hour to unload it from the ESS blue container, that carried the prototype from CEA Saclay outside Paris to the ESS facility in Lund. 

Cryomodules provide the cold environment for the operation of the superconducting cavities that accelerate the proton beam before it hit the target. It contains medium beta cavity prototypes designed and built by CEA Saclay and INFN LASA Milano. The cryomodule has been designed jointly by IPN Orsay and CEA Saclay.

It will now be set up in Test stand 2 for extensive testing.

Cryo module arriving

Photo: Roger Eriksson / ESS

Cryomodule in container

Photo: Roger Eriksson / ESS