Knowledge sharing at ESS

REMS workshop
Hamza Boukabache (left) and Daniel Perrin at the ESS REMS workshop alongside the CROME area gamma monitor Photo: ESS

ESS welcomed two Radiation Protection experts from CERN as part of a knowledge-sharing workshop

The Radiation Monitoring team, part of the ESS Radiation Protection group led by Sigrid Kozielski, recently welcomed Hamza Boukabache, project manager of CROME, the measurement electronics for pulsed field radiation monitors developed by CERN, and Daniel Perrin, CERN’s radiation protection instrumentation section leader, to ESS.

The main goal of the visit was to perform the initial setup of two area radiation monitors, delivered to the ESS site earlier this month, as part of the REMS (Radiological and Environmental Monitoring System) workshop. 

The provision of these monitors is part of an addendum to the collaboration agreement between CERN and ESS that was signed at the end of last year. CERN has agreed to support ESS with its first radiation monitoring installations using their new CROME system. The first monitors will be installed as part of the Test Stand 2 installation during April, and will be ready for operation mid-May. It was also agreed that the next step in the collaboration will be the delivery of equipment for the Normal Conducting Linac, which is expected to arrive at ESS in October. 

As part of their visit,  the colleagues from CERN gave a seminar to highlight details of CROME and share valuable know-how. ESS colleagues from Safety, ICS, Accelerator, Quality and Security attended the seminar.