Moving forward in challenging times

Testing in the DTL workshop.
Testing taking place in the Drift Tube Linac (DTL) workshop on site. Credit: ESS/ Ulrika Hammarlund

The 22nd ESS Council meeting was held virtually from 2-3 December. During the meeting, ESS Director General, John Womersley, and members of the ESS Executive Management Team reported on progress achieved since the previous meeting.

Despite the global challenges in 2020, ESS continues to make progress on delivering the project, including receiving and installing the monolith vessel, receiving the first series-production cryomodules, and obtaining the permit from the Swedish Radiation Authority to commence test operation of the Normal Conducting Linac. Still, these are challenging times for ESS and our In-Kind Partners, just as they are for everyone. We are working to fully understand the implications and, while it is too soon to speculate in detail, we can see there will be an impacts on the overall schedule.

A top priority for ESS is the safety of our colleagues and partners, and we continuously adjust our measures to progress safely during the Covid-19. The full impact of its effects is being monitored and analysed closely, and while ESS construction is now 75% complete, schedule impact is foreseen. This is, to a large extent, driven by the high level of In-Kind deliveries to ESS from partners in the 13 member states. A survey of the In-Kind supply chain  has been carried out and a new structure for In-Kind management at ESS is being established in order to further strengthen the collaboration with ESS In-Kind Partners.

The ESS budget for 2021 was approved by Council, and the work to secure satisfactory liquidity, and establish timely cash contributions to ESS from the members progresses.