IKON forum for ESS neutron scattering systems convenes for 20th session

Aerial view of ESS with ESS campus in foreground
Photo: ESS/Roger Eriksson

Registration is now open for IKON20 – the 20th meeting of ESS In  Kind partners and collaborators for the building of neutron scattering systems, including instruments at ESS. Taking place 15-17 February.

The IKON meetings are a regular forum centered around the design and construction of the ESS neutron instruments and their associated support facilities. By bringing together current and future partners, the meetings aim to provide an overview on the various activities and fertilise exchange that is vital to our success. Scientists from ESS member countries currently not engaged in in-kind activities but interested in joining are encouraged to participate.

Find schedule information and details on how to register for the event


 IKON20 will be held online, and the programme has been adapted to suit this format. Please see the registration site for more information.


There will be an online training course held on the Thursday, Feb 18th,  from 9:45 to 15:00. Note –  spaces for the sessions are limited, so make sure you book a slot as soon as you can to avoid being disappointed!
You can register for the training here.