Spanish Media visits ESS

On 19 June 2017 journalists from well-known media outlets in Spain visited the European Spallation Source in Lund.
The media trip was organised as part of a BrightnESS communication activity, in a collaborative effort between the ESS and ESS Bilbao communication departments. The objective of the visit was to raise awareness and engage the Spanish media's interest for one of the largest science and technology infrastructure projects being built in Europe today. In addition, the activity aims to highlight the importance of Spain as a partner of ESS, with a contribution of 5% to the total budget of 1843M€. The Spanish contribution is being implemented by ESS Bilbao, the sole institution delegated by the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation (Spanish Government). 
The ESS management who met with the visiting journalists highlighted the commitment of the ESS Bilbao team on all the work packages they are working on, including the the Medium Energy Beam Transport (MEBT), RF Systems, Target and the instrument MIRACLES. The ESS representatives commented on the importance which the technological capacities that are being contributed have to the European project.
Participating journalists represented the renowned national newspaper El Mundo; the local press, El Correo and Deia; and the national radio Cadena SER. As part of the site walk and the presentations the  magnitude of the project was relayed to the journalists and the the importance of Spain being a full member of ESS was accentuated. The scientific and technological advances that will be generated as part of the design, manufacturing, assembly and testing work, currently underway at the ESS Bilbao facilities, will play a key part for the European project, as well as for the Spanish science community and industry.