How to Find Us

General instructions for travelling to the European Spallation Source headquarters in Lund, Sweden and the ESS Data Management & Software Centre (DMSC) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Below are two PDF files - one with instructions on travelling from either Copenhagen Internartional Airport (Kastrup) or Malmö Airport (Sturup) to ESS, and the other with instructions on the journey from the E22 motorway or Lund Central train station to Lund.

ESS visiting address:
Partikelgatan 2
224 84 Lund

Getting to ESS from the airports

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Getting to ESS from the E22/Lund C

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Below are details of how to get to DMSC in Copenhagen 

COBIS building copenhagen

Getting to DMSC

Ole Maaløes Vej 3
2200 Copenhagen N
Latitude: 55.698957 |  Longitude: 12.555916


We advise that you use the above address or GPS coordinates if you wish to drive to the DMSC. Please note that parking is extremely limited.

Public transport

If you wish to use Public Transport in Denmark, you can plan your trip on either of the following websites:

There is also a mobile app available through which you can purchase tickets. The app is called Mobilbilletter, and can be used in English.

Buses from Nørreport Station

In order to get to the DMSC offices by bus you need to take either bus 6A or bus 42 from Nørreport Station and get off at the Arresøgade stop on Tagensvej. The buses leave every 3-8 minutes and takes about 8-15 minutes to get to the Arresøgade stop, depending on traffic.

Unfortunately, bus stops at Nørreport Station are not numbered/labelled, however the departure stop for both of the buses above is the same and is located next to the traffic lights at the intersection of Nørre Voldgade and Gothersgade. You can find a photograph of the relevant bus stop in the PDF file at the bottom of the page. 

When you get off the bus at the Arresøgade stop on Tagensvej, you should keep walking along Tagensvej in the direction the bus was travelling until you see the COBIS flags on your right hand side.

A picture of the Tagensvej entrance to the COBIS building is shown in the PDF file at the bottom of the page. The receptionists at COBIS can assist you with information on how to get to our office.

From Copenhagen Airport

You can catch the metro (M) or Øresund trains from Copenhagen Airport to Nørreport Station, and from there follow the directions to DMSC from Nørreport Station given above. 

From Sweden (Lund)

You can catch any Øresund train going to Copenhagen as they all stop at Nørreport Station. For directions from Nørreport Station to the DMSC, see above.

From Copenhagen Central Station

Copenhagen Central Station is known locally as København Hovedbanegård, or København H.

You can catch any S-train from platform 9 or 10 to Nørreport Station as all S trains stop there. For directions from Nørreport to the DMSC, see above.

From Østerport Station

There is no direct public transport from Østerport Station to the DMSC offices. You can take an Øresund, DSB or S-train from Østerport Station to Nørreport Station and then follow the directions above from Nørreport Station. Alternatively you can take a taxi from Østerport Station.