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General instructions for traveling to the European Spallation Source headquarters, construction site and Data Management & Software Centre (DMSC).

The closest international airport to Lund is Copenhagen Kastrup Airport, in Denmark.

The travel time by train from the airport to Lund Central Station (Lund C) is about 35 minutes. Trains depart from railway platform number 1, accessed via the airport’s Terminal 3. The journey takes you over the Öresund Bridge connecting Denmark to Sweden. More information for these trains, and how to take taxis from the airport, is available below.

The closest local airport to Lund is Malmö Airport in Sturup.

Sturup has some international flights from destinations within Europe and flights from other Swedish airports, including Stockholm. There are bus connections between the airport and Lund.

Information can be found at

Bus tickets are available using cash or credit card at the convenience stores Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven, or at the airport Information desk. Tickets can also be purchased at the ticket machines or with a credit card on board the bus.

There are taxis at the airport exit. See more taxi information here.

Tickets are not available on board trains in Denmark or Sweden, and in all cases must be purchased prior to boarding. Tickets from the machines can only be purchased with a debit or credit card featuring a chip and PIN.

From Copenhagen Kastrup Airport and Copenhagen City Centre

Tickets: Train tickets can be purchased at the information desk at Terminal 3, or from the Skånetrafiken or DSB ticket machines in the Arrivals Hall, in the Baggage Claim area, and also in Terminal 3 at the top of the escalators leading to Platform 1 (Spor 1). Avoid buying SJ (Swedish Railways) tickets, as these trains will be less frequent.

Tickets can also be purchased using the Skånetrafiken mobile phone app, which requires a working phone number and a credit card. More information in English can be found under the Visitor tab at

Travel: To get to Lund, board any train at Platform 1 that is not terminating in Malmö or Stockholm. All others will first stop in Malmö, and then in Lund. There is only one stop in Lund.

Common final destinations stopping at Lund Central Station include Göteborg, Kalmar, Helsingborg, Kristianstad, and Karlskrona.

With your ticket, you may board any of these trains. They run typically every 20 minutes, with longer intervals overnight. Do not board the SJ trains bound for Stockholm as only tickets bought through SJ, specific to the route and time, will be accepted.

You can follow similar procedures to these to take trains to Lund from Copenhagen Central Station (København H) or Copenhagen Østerport Station. 

From Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Germany

Lund Central Station is located on the main railway lines between Malmö and Stockholm and Malmö-Gothenburg-Oslo.

  • Travel time from Stockholm is about 4 hours on the express train X2000 or 6-7 hours on Intercity (ICE) trains. Gothenburg (Göteborg in Swedish) is approximately 250 km north of Lund, and the travel time is 3-4 hours.
  • Between Oslo and Lund, the journey is approximately 7-8 hours, with a 12-hour overnight train option. These tickets cannot be purchased at Lund Central Station, but can be bought online at
  • Between Hamburg and Lund, rail travel time is 6-7 hours, and between Berlin and Lund, 7-8 hours.
From Malmö

It takes approximately 10 minutes to travel between Malmö and Lund by local commuter trains identified as Pågatåg or Öresundståg.

  • These trains depart approximately 4-6 times per hour on weekdays with less frequent service at the weekends and overnight.
  • Tickets are available from the ticket machines on the platform in Malmö using Swedish currency. You can buy only single tickets from these machines. You can also purchase tickets at the station’s ticket office.
  • If you will commute regularly, you can buy a JoJo monthly pass or discount card from the ticket office or online at

The destination address for ESS is Tunavägen 24, Lund. Taxis can drive through the parking lot entrance gate on Tunavägen all the way to the main entrance at the end of the parking lot. 2014 sample prices for taxis are listed below. The cost from Copenhagen Airport includes the toll cost for the Öresund Bridge.

  • Lund Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup)
    990 SEK
  • Lund ⇔ Malmö City Centre
    320 SEK
  • Lund ⇔ Malmö Airport (Sturup)
    440 SEK

Taxis in Denmark are well regulated, but precautions should be taken when hiring a taxi in Sweden:

  • Prices should be agreed in advance, and fixed-priced ride prices should be posted and visible.
  • The meter should be operating and active for the entirety of the trip.
  • A receipt may be necessary to retrieve forgotten items or to make a complaint.
  • Swedish taxis must display comparative pricing for a 10 km trip. This price should be displayed in large black letters on a yellow background.

From Lund Central Station to ESS HQ

Tunavägen 24
Medicon Village, Building 205
223 63 Lund


Lund has a compact city centre and it is possible to reach most destinations on foot [map].

The walk from the central station to ESS is 2.5 km and will take approximately 30 minutes.

If you are using a mobile maps application, best results will be obtained by entering the address as Tunavägen 22, rather than the official address.

The main ESS offices are part of a large complex known as Medicon Village [map], which extends across both sides of Tunavägen. To find ESS, you must enter the parking lot on the right-hand, or south, side of Tunavägen. If the gate is closed, please press the button on the call box to gain entrance. The ESS main reception is at the last building entrance in the parking lot, where the large blue ESS flags can be seen. [map 1] [map 2]


ESS is a 6-minute bus ride from the train station [map] on one of the green city buses.

Tickets: In most cases you will not need an additional ticket as your train ticket will include onward bus travel within Lund. Ask the bus driver if your ticket is valid as you board the bus. Tickets cannot, however, be purchased on board the buses. Bus tickets cost around 17 SEK and can be purchased using the following methods.

  • The Skånetrafiken mobile phone app, which requires a working phone number and a credit card.
  • The local train/bus card, known as JoJo, which can be topped up with 50-200 SEK at the Skånetrafiken customer centre (Kundcenter) at the central station, or Pressbyrån, a convenience store in the central station.
  • A Swedish mobile phone (send an SMS with “LUV” to 070-142 22 22).

Travel: Bus Stop K is located just outside the northwest entrance of Lund Central Station, before Clemenstorget, the tree-lined square where there are many bike racks. Take Bus Route 1 towards Östra Torn or Bus Route 6 towards Östra Linero. These depart every 15 minutes during the day. Get off at Bus Stop Sparta. From there, it is a 2-minute walk to the gate, turning left (or east) as you exit the bus. See more walking details above.


Look for Taxi Skåne outside the southwest entrance of Lund Central Station (opposite side of the tracks from the city centre), near Västra Stationstorget [map].

Visitors to ESS receive a fixed rate of 105 SEK (2014). The destination address is Tunavägen 24. The ride takes less than 10 minutes, and the taxi can pass through the gate on Tunavägen and drive to the ESS main entrance at the end of the parking lot.

If Taxi Skåne is not available, please observe the precautions listed here.


There are designated Visitor Parking (Besökare Parkering) spots directly outside the ESS main entrance, which do not require payment. To access the parking lot, drive through the entrance gate on Tunavägen. If it does not open automatically, press the button on the call box.

If there is no Visitor Parking available, please obtain a parking pass from ESS reception or you may be fined.

Interactive Map

Getting to the Construction Site

Odarslövsvägen 113
225 92 Lund


The green city bus no. 20 leaves Lund Central Station (Lund C) every 10 minutes at peak times with final destination ESS. Journey time is 15 minutes. You exit the bus at the ESS bus stop on Partikelgatan, directly in front of the future entrance to the ESS office buildings.

To get to the current Site Office you need to backtrack to the main road, Odarslövsvägen. Turn left and follow the road for about 150 meters, and then turn left and walk through the main Gate A. Then turn right. Follow the signs for Site Office/Gate C. 

To get to the Site Office by bus from ESS HQ on Tunavägen 24, you need to change buses. Take the no. 6 bus from Tunavägen/Sparta [map] and change at the University Hospital (Skånes universitetssjukhus) for bus no. 20 to ESS.


Exiting the parking lot from ESS HQ at Tunavägen 24, take a right turn and drive under the overpass for the E22 motorway.

Take the next left onto Sångarevägen.

At the end of this road, take a right onto Sölvegatan.

Follow Sölvegatan until you reach a roundabout, and take the second exit for Odarslövsvägen (ESS). The site is approximately 2 km down the road on your left.

Enter through Gate A and take an immediate right to the site office parking. Free visitor parking (maximum 2 hours) is available close to Gate C.


There are cycling paths directly from ESS HQ to the ESS Construction Site that follow the driving instructions above.

When you reach the roundabout to enter onto Odarslövsvägen, there is an underpass on the right-hand side of the road that leads on to the cycling path along Odarslövsvägen.

When approaching the Site, you need to cross the road to enter through Gate A. Bicycle parking is available outside Gate C, on the left.

Bikes can be borrowed via the ESS reception desk at Tunavägen 24.

To Enter the Site Office

Walk to the end of the parking lot to enter through Gate C, which is open for pedestrian access during business hours. Walk across the courtyard to the building with three floors—this is the Site Office. To enter the building, use the door phone to contact reception or an individual staff member. A contact list is displayed on the wall next to the phone. Follow the instructions on the panel.

To Enter the Construction Site

The construction site is accessible via Gate B, straight on from Gate A. A security guard is manning this gate, and only vehicles that have been pre-registered will be allowed to enter. To enter the Construction Site on foot you need a registered ID06 access card.

Interactive Map

COBIS building copenhagen

Getting to DMSC

Ole Maaløes Vej 3
2200 Copenhagen N
Latitude: 55.698957 |  Longitude: 12.555916


We advise that you use the above address or GPS coordinates if you wish to drive to the DMSC. Please note that parking is extremely limited.

Public Transport

If you wish to use Public Transport in Denmark, you can plan your trip on either of the following websites:

There is also a mobile app available through which you can purchase tickets. The app is called Mobilbilletter, and can be used in English.

Buses from Nørreport Station

In order to get to the DMSC offices via bus you need to take either bus 6A or bus 42 from Nørreport Station and get off at the Arresøgade stop on Tagensvej. The buses leave every 3-8 minutes and take about 8 -15 minutes to get to the Arresøgade stop depending on traffic.

Unfortunately the bus stops at Nørreport Station are not numbered/labelled, however the departure stop for both of the buses above is the same and is located next to the traffic lights at the intersection of Nørre Voldgade and Gothersgade. You can find a photograph of the relevant bus stop in the PDF file at the bottom of the page. 

When you get off the bus at the Arresøgade stop on Tagensvej, you should keep walking along Tagensvej in the direction the bus was travelling until you see the COBIS flags on your right hand side.

A picture of the Tagensvej entrance to the COBIS building is shown in the PDF file at the bottom of the page. The receptionists at COBIS can assist you with information on how to get to our office.

From Copenhagen Airport

You can catch the metro (M) or Øresund trains from Copenhagen Airport to Nørreport Station and from there follow the directions to DMSC from Nørreport Station given above. 

From Sweden (Lund)

You can catch any Øresund train going to Copenhagen. They all stop at Nørreport Station. For directions from Nørreport Station to the DMSC, see above.

From Copenhagen Central Station

Copenhagen Central Station is known locally as København Hovedbanegård, or København H.

You can catch any S-train from platform 9 or 10 to Nørreport Station. All of the S trains stop at Nørreport Station. For directions from Nørreport to the DMSC, see above.

From Østerport Station

There is no direct public transport from Østerport Station to the DMSC offices. You can take an Øresund, DSB or S-train from Østerport Station to Nørreport Station and then follow the directions above from Nørreport Station. Alternatively you can take a taxi from Østerport Station.

Interactive Map


PHOTO: Öresund Network