ESS Accelerator Seminars

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S. Montesano (CERN)

n_TOF EAR2, a glance towards the future of neutron physics at CERN

I. Tropin  (Fermilab)

Recent MARS15 Applications Related to the ESS Needs

W. Barletta (USPAS/MIT)Accelerator Research in the U.S. for High Energy Physics: A biased perspective10-Sep-15
J. Galayda (SLAC)Status of the LCLS-II Project at SLAC23-Jun-15
E. Vaena (ESS)Visualization of the ESS 3D model: An introduction to Navisworks16-Mar-15
J. Marroncle (CEA Saclay)Beam losses and residual gas profile monitor of LIPAc10-Mar-15
J-M. Lagniel (Ganil)Resonances in linac beams03-Feb-15
C. Petit-Jean-Genaz (CERN)Organizing IPACs21-Nov-14
J-P. Delahaye (SLAC)A Staged Muon Accelerator Facility for neutrino and collider physics09-Sep-14
G. Lanfranco (ESS)Establishing the back-office for ACCSYS plant integration03-Jul-14
G. Vandoni (CERN)The HIE-Isolde superconducting linac: an integrated cryogenic and insulation vacuum27-Jun-14
A. Faus-Golfe (IFIC)Beam size and emittance reconstruction in the extraction line of ATF2 (KEK)11-Jun-14
F. Cerutti (CERN)Beam-accelerator interaction issues: What and how to calculate11-Jun-14
A-P. Bernardes (CERN)A Safety Overview of the HIE-ISOLDE Project10-Jun-14
T. Stora (CERN)CERN-MEDICIS (Medical Isotopes Collected from ISOLDE): A New Facility05-Jun-14
P. Wright (ESS)Current status of the Personnel Safety System (PSS) and the Oxygen Deficiency Hazard (ODH) System for the Accelerator05-Jun-14
D. Csontos (Elevatescientific)Maximizing the impact of your research03-Jun-14
M. Minty (BNL)Measurement and Control of Charged Par3cle Beams in the Rela3vis3c Heavy Ion Collider16-Apr-14
O. Kester (GSI, Germany)The Facility for Antiprotons and Ion Research - FAIR13-Feb-14

J-M. Lagniel (GANIL, France)

Zero-current longitudinal beam dynamics29-Jan-14
Eshraq Al Dmour (Max-lab)MaxIV Vacuum System23-Jan-14

Alan D. Bross (Fermi National Acceleratory Laboratory, USA)

nuSTORM - Neutrinos from STORed Muons

Julien Branlard (DESY, Germany)Low Level RF control and cryomodule testing for the European XFEL5-Dec-13
Y.L. Chi (IHEP, China)Accelerator R&D activities in IHEP22-Nov-13
S.P. Li (IHEP, China)Cryogenic activities at IHEP22-Nov-13
J.B. Zhao (IHEP, China)Introduction for the Manufacture of Accelerator Components in IHEP and HERT22-Nov-13
Emel Algin (Eskisehir Osmangazi U., TR)TAC Proton Accelerator Project24-Oct-13
George Dodson (SNS, USA)The SNS Reliability and Maintenance Management Programs10-Oct-13
Sławomir Wronka (NCBJ, Poland)Accelerator Research and Development at the National Centre for Nuclear Research30-Sep-13
Piotr T. Warzybok (NCBJ, Poland)Preliminary Design of the Movable Collimators system for ESS30-Sep-13
Karol Szymczyk (NCBJ, Poland)Preliminary Design of the fixed collimation system for ESS30-Sep-13
Swapan Chattopadhyay (The Cockcroft Institute, UK)CAVITIES, LASERS and ATOMS: Test facilities at the Cockcroft Institute for the Advancement of Science13-Sep-13
Tobias Lindqvist (ESS)Field parametrization by trigonometric expansion combined with particle dynamics simulation6-Sep-13
Lia Merminga (TRIUMF)TRIUMF Accelerators and the ARIEL Project3-July-13
Chris Densham (RAL)Fluidised tungsten powder target research26-June-13
Dariusz Bocian (IFJ PAN)IFJ PAN contribution to international projects25-June-13
Maurizio Vretenar (CERN)From the drawing board to the particle beam – the CERN experience in building and operating linear accelerators23-May-13
Claire Antoine (IRFU/CEA)Physical Properties of Niobium: Origin of the specifications for fabrication of SRF cavities (Tutorial)8-Apr-13
Claire Antoine (IRFU/CEA)Superconducting RF cavities: breaking the Niobium monopoly (Seminar)8-Apr-13
Tord Ekeloef (Uppsala University)Proposal for a lepton CP violation discovery experiment using a neutrino Super Beam from ESS22-Mar-13
Lars Malmgren (MAX IV)The MAX IV Radio Frequency System22-Mar-13
Emmanuel Tsesmelis (CERN)The LHC and Beyond – Past, Present and Future15-Mar-13
Sigrid Wagner (CERN)Quantitative Reliability Analysis in the Design of Interlock Systems for Machine Protection13-Mar-13
David McGinnis (ESS)ESS LINAC Design Options07-Mar-13
Eugene Tanke (FRIB/MSU)Preparations for Installation, Testing and Commissioning based on Experience at CERN, SNS and Siemens06-Mar-13
Marc Munoz (ESS)ALBA Light Source: a very short summary05-Mar-13
Per Andersson and Jan-Eric Larsson (GoalArt)GoalArt Alarm Management01-Mar-13
Emanuele LafaceESS online model versus TraceWin19-Feb-13
Jean-Michel Lagniel (CEA/GANIL) and Mohammad Eshraqi (ESS)On the choice of LINAC parameters for minimal beam losses13-Feb-13
Sanja Damjanovic (CERN)Simulation of accelerator-related radiation fields at CERN and GSI/FAIR12-Feb-13
Ranko Ostojic (CERN)Construction to Commissioning of the LHC: the Expected and Unexpected30-Nov-12
Stefan Lueders (CERN)Securing (or not) Accelerator Control Systems23-Nov-12
Adam ThorpAutomation and Optimization with modeFRONTIER22-Nov-12
Karin Rathsman (ESS)Intra-beam stripping at SNS20-Nov-12
Dan Berkovits (SARAF)Operational Experience, Recent Experimental Achievements and Future Goals of the Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility - SARAF9-Nov-12
Gabriele Costanza (LTH)The Design of Elliptical Cavities8-Nov-12
Annika Nordt (ESS)What is a Post Mortem System6-Nov-12
Romuald Duperrier (ESS)System Engineering Activities at ESS AB23-Oct-12
Karin Rathsman (ESS)ESS Naming Convention2-Oct-12
Dr P. Beasley (Siemens Technology)Solid State RF Power: The Route to 0.01 Euro per Watt and Solid State Direct Drive RF LINAC: High Power Experimental Program1-Oct-12

Kitty Liao (CERN)

OSTs (Oscillating Superleak Transducers) and Temperature Mapping Diagnostics for High Gradient 704 MHz Caviti


Norbert HoltkampBuilding Large Scale Facilities; Lessons Learned at ITER and SNS18-Nov-11
Juan Fernandez HernandoPersonal Summary of Work Carried Out at Daresbury Laboratory: ILC/CLIC, NLS, ALICE and ITER16-Nov-11
Jean-Michel LagnielConstruction of the SPIRAL 2 Buildings and Conventional Facilities2-Nov-11
Ganapati MyneniCW SRF Systems with Ingot Niobium and Their Applications11-Oct-11
Daniel R. LehmanInsights and Lessons Learned: Large Facility Construction21-Sep-11
Deepak RapariaThe story on advancing Linear accelerator ... and Keeping it Straight28-Jun-11
Suzanne GysinData Management by Cube27-Jun-11
David McGinnisOnline modeling at Fermilab LINAC27-Jun-11
Nikolay SolyakDesign of Project-X LINAC9-Jun-11
Edgar MahnerReview of Heavy-Ion Induced Desorption Studies for Particle Accelerators27-May-11
Manfred WendtBeam Diagnostics for Project-X20-May-11
Rob AinsworthRF Cavity studies at RHUL: Simulation and Measurement19-May-11
Javier SerranoTiming and Open Hardware12-May-11
Andrei SeryiAccelerators, Giant and Compact – for Science, Industry and Society12-May-11
Nikolai MokhovDealing with MegaWatt Beams27-Apr-11
Jose DedicTiming Systems19-Apr-11
Christine DarveHelium and Large Scale Cryogenics in Accelerator Sciences14-Apr-11
Pierre BonnalProject Management at CERN, Lessons Learned from the LHC Project15-Mar-11
Åke AnderssonHigher Order Mode Damping in the MAX IV Storage Ring Cavities15-Feb-11
Mikael ErikssonCoupled Bunch Instability Fighting in the MAX IV Accelerators15-Feb-11
Stephen MolloyHigher Order Modes in Accelerator Cavities15-Feb-11
Thomas SheaSNS Target Imaging and Related Developments28-Jan-11
Thomas KroyerSelected RF and Instrumentation Applications at CERN and Thin Film Technology for Solar Energy Systems at Fraunhofer ISE17-Jan-11
Wolfgang AckermannNumerical Modeling of Electromagnetic Fields17-Dec-10
Natalia Artego MarreroSingle-Proton Irradiation of Living Cells10-Dec-10
Steve HolmesProject-X: A High Intensity Proton Source at FermiLab2-Dec-10
Ryoichi MiyamotoEarly Performance of LHC: Optics and Lumi-Monitor29-Nov-10
Rebecca SeviourAccelerator Driven Subcritical Reactors22-Oct-10
Emanuele LafaceCrystal Collimation in Modern Accelerators5-Jul-10