The ESS Collaborations

As a large and advanced science facility, ESS requires expert competences represented by professionals from all over the world.

The ESS Technical Design Report was developed through a collaboration process including around 60 partner laboratories worldwide and the ESS staff in Lund.

The work is organised into the Accelerator Collaboration, the Target Station Collaboration, and the Neutron Scattering Systems Collaboration. Many of the partner research institutes, universities, and laboratories are individually responsible for leading one or several work packages, each containing multiple work units, with leadership distributed among all participants. ESS's partners are actively engaged in scientific and technical research and development aimed toward the further development of the ESS technical design.

The following map indicates the various partners who participated in creating the April 2013 ESS Technical Design Report. 

•  Accelerator Collaboration
•  Target Station Collaboration
•  Neutron Scattering Systems Collaboration