ESS Family Support

Welcome to Sweden, Denmark and the European Spallation Source!

Moving to another country is often not an individual decision, it is a family decision.
It is of great importance to ESS that you and your entire family feel comfortable and at home as soon as possible after relocating to Sweden or Denmark. To help our families in this process ESS offers help before and after the actual move.
Support before arrival
The support offered by ESS to eligible staff before arrival includes:
  • A pre-visit during which general information is given about the region, taxes, pensions and social security systems.
  • Help from a relocation firm to find a home, daycare and/or school.
  • Aid with the physical move by a professional company.
  • Installation allowance.
  • Tips and advice for partners concerning working in Sweden/Denmark.
Support after arrival
The support offered by ESS to eligible staff after arrival includes:
  • Moving-in support by a relocation firm.
  • Settling-in support by a relocation firm
  • Three months of ongoing support by a relocation firm.
  • Relocation allowance.
  • Allowance for non-working partner.
  • ESS Family Forum.
Please check your relocation package for more details to see exactly what level of support you are entitled to.