ESS Science Symposia

Through the ESS Science Symposia we invite the community to explore scientific possibilities brought by ESS. Applications regarding support of ESS Science Symposia can be submitted continuously. Welcome with your application!

Which scientific challenges will you be addressing 10 years from now? What role can neutron scattering play in your field, given the increased capabilities that ESS will bring? What can ESS do to meet your requirements in terms of instrumentation, sample environment, and science support facilities?

By sponsoring Science Symposia, ESS is harvesting input from a wide range of scientific disciplines and expanding the neutron user base. Each symposium results in a report, which feeds into the ESS scientific strategy. A very successful programme, more than 15 ESS Science Symposia have been held since 2011, and more are coming. The feedback from these symposia has direct impact on the continuing development of the ESS user facility.

Guidelines on how to apply for funding of a symposium can be found here.

Find out about symposia schedule in your field and others, and take part of the reports.


ESS also supports other workshops and conferences related to Neutron Science and Instrumentation following the sponsoring guidelines.