Integrated Control System IKCs

Signed and approved In-Kind Contribution (IKC) Agreements for the ESS Integrated Control System (ICS) sub-project.

IIK 14.4 #8: EPICS EtherCAT Driver/Slave Development

Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) in Estonia has agreed to an IKC of the ESS Integrated Control System (ICS) Division to design electronics, firmware, and software to accomplish efficient and deterministic data transfer between two important electronics platforms of the ICS, namely MTCA.4 (Micro TCA) and EtherCAT. This will allow, for example, fine-grained time synchronisation between the two systems, implementation of high-speed control loops and enhancement of I/O and data processing capabilities of each system, and so on. This development, called EtherCAT slave controller, is expected to be especially useful for (but not limited to) integration of the neutron instrument control systems. From ESS, Henrik Carling and Timo Korhonen are the dedicated persons of interest, whilst Ants Koel is the main contact at TUT. The value of the contribution is 564k EUR.

IIK 14.7.1: Main Control Room Conceptual Design

The Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) in Norway has agreed to an IKC to the ESS Integrated Control System Division as part of the design and implementation of ESS’ MCR (Main Control Room). This milestone is the first phase of a three-stage process for the ergonomic design of the MCR, through the support of operators using the complex control system, which will maintain a reliable beam with a high output and operational availability while maintaining the highest possible safety standard. This project is led by Stephen Glenn Collier at IFE and Remy Mudingay at ESS after initial contacts between John Kvalem (Norway) and Garry Trahern (ESS).