Neutron Scattering Systems IKCs

Signed and approved In-Kind Contribution (IKC) Agreements for the ESS Neutron Scattering Systems (NSS) sub-project.

NIK 6.4 #9: NMX Control System
 Architecture Study

The WIGNER Research Centre for Physics, part of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in Hungary signed the schedule for the NMX Control System Architecture Study. The integrated control and monitoring system of the NMX instrument allows the user to control experimental parameters and process neutron data. It also contains the control and monitoring systems needed for the safe operation of the instrument. The partner contribution for WIGNER aligns with the ESS Cost Book value of 46 k€.

NIK 6.6 #2: Instrument BEER Phase I

The Nuclear Physics Institute (NPI) in the Czech Republic has signed the Phase 1 schedule for the instrument BEER, an engineering diffractometer. NPI and Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht GmbH in Germany are jointly responsible for the Phase 1 deliverables. The partner contribution for NPI aligns with the ESS Cost Book value of 235,85 k€.

NIK 6.13 #3: Instrument HEIMDAL Phase I

The Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) in Norway signed the Phase 1 schedule for the instrument HEIMDAL, a thermal powder diffractometer.

Phase 1, which is the Preliminary Engineering Design, follows a successful Toll Gate 1 review with an expected duration of 6 to 12 months. At the conclusion of Phase 1 is Toll Gate 2,  during which the instrument’s preliminary design together with the scope, budget and schedule will be reviewed in order to assess whether the instrument project can move from preliminary engineering into final engineering and early procurement. Following the Toll Gate 2 review, the scope, budget and schedule of the instrument project are set by the NSS project management. The contribution for the partner IFE aligns with the ESS Cost Book value of 45,7 k€.

NIK 6.14 #5: Instrument BIFROST Phase I

The Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)  in Norway signed the Phase 1 schedule for the instrument BIFROST, an indirect geometry spectrometer.The partner contribution for IFE aligns with the ESS Cost Book value of 60,4 k€.

NIK 13.3 #2: Radiological Materials Glove Boxes for Neutron Scattering Experiments

The University of Tartu has committed to deliver two special glove boxes for handling radioactive samples as an IKC from Estonia. In order to facilitate state-of-the-art experiments, ESS users must have access to a radioactive materials lab sufficiently equipped to handle highly activated samples and radioactive isotopes. The heart of this laboratory are the two glove boxes designed by the University of Tartu. One glove box will be designated for work with oxygen- and moisture-sensitive radioactive materials, and the other will allow performing reactions and modifications of radioactive materials in inert atmosphere. The cost book value is 70 k€. Designated ESS person for this IKC is Monika Hartl.

NIK 17.1: Set-Up for Laser-Neutron Pump-Probe Experiments

The University of Tartu designed and assembled a laser system as an Estonian IKC to ESS. The final acceptance test took place in November 2015. The equipment will be used mainly on time-of-flight spectrometers and small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) instruments, and was already successfully commissioned on IN5 at the ILL. The device enables laser-excited, time-resolved QENS experiments well suited for real-time studies of functional processes in native and biomimetic systems. A more detailed understanding of the internal molecular dynamics of proteins opens up a wide range of possible applications in biophysics, including photo-induced functional processes, temperature jump experiments, and thermal unfolding.