Target Systems IKCs

Signed and approved In-Kind Contribution (IKC) Agreements for the ESS Target Systems sub-project.

TIK 2.2: Target He Cooling System

The Nuclear Physics Institute (FZU) - Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (UJF) has committed to deliver the Target Helium Cooling System for ESS. The Target Helium Cooling System has the main function to remove heat from the target wheel, which contains the spallation material. The target wheel and the spallation material are hit by the 5 MW proton beam, which will generate a heat load. The Target Helium Cooling System will keep the temperature below 500°C both in the structural material of the wheel and on the surface of the spallation material. Keeping the tungsten surface temperature below 500°C will avoid oxidation of the tungsten in the event that air infiltrates the Target Vessel. Oxidation of the spallation material is the main driver for contamination of the Target System and in turn the radiological threat to workers and public. The Cost Book Value is 5,59 M€. The ESS contact person is Ulf Odén.