Instrument Technologies

The Instrument Technologies Division provides the technological tools required for the design, construction and operation of the neutron instruments at ESS.

State-of-the-art neutron scattering instruments require sophisticated hardware components and systems to fully exploit the unique source characteristics of ESS. 

Detector banks and sample environment for BEER

The development of cutting-edge instruments requires a significant development effort in supporting neutron technologies in order that our instruments reach their full potential. Although significant progress has been made over the years in neutron optics, detectors, choppers and electronics hardware it is important for ESS to continue to innovate and find solutions for its special needs provided by our unique pulsed time structure and high neutron flux environment.

Following established best practice at other leading facilities, technical groups will:

  • Maintain, test, diagnose and improve existing hardware solutions.
  • Work closely with all instrument in-kind partners to provide technical expertise during the design and construction of the ESS instrument suite.
  • Provide experimental support once ESS starts operating neutron scattering instruments.
  • Properly and actively manage standardisation of systems, parts and components, have access to spares, and be prepared to provide rapid response in case of either mechanical or electronic failure of critical components to minimise loss of valuable beam time.

Chopper Systems

The mission of the Neutron Chopper Group is to enable the successful and timely delivery of the ESS instrument suite.

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Detector Systems

The ESS Detector Group has been working on detector development since 2010 and will continue throughout the Construction Phase.

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Motion Control & Automation

Motion Control is the local control system for the motorisation of movements of instrument components.

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Neutron Optics & Shielding

Neutron optics is a key part of obtaining maximum return on investment for the instrument suite at ESS.

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