Rolling Access now available for deuteration & crystallisation support from the DEMAX platform

The Deuteration and Macromolecular Crystallisation (DEMAX) platform at the ESS supports neutron users from the soft matter, biology, life sciences and chemistry research areas. The neutron techniques that these communities typically use include: small angle scattering, reflectometry, single crystal diffraction, and spectroscopy.

DEMAX is now offering Rolling Access for a limited number of proposals requesting support for Biological Deuteration and Protein Crystallisation.

Please note that for rolling access at this time we accept only biological deuteration/crystallization requests. However, users interest in chemical deuteration and yeast-derived lipids are important to us, so we encourage you to submit an expression of interest for these kinds of molecules, which will be considered according to availability (e.g. molecules already in stock) and requirements/feasibility.

We strongly encourage users to reach out at to discuss their project needs prior to submitting a proposal.

For a list of molecules/support offered by DEMAX, please see our product catalogue here.
For general enquiries please contact the ESS user office.


The following requirements apply to all DEMAX proposals:

  • Proposals should be written in English and properly referenced.
  • This software requires online completion of the full proposal.
  • Access to ESS is granted on the basis of both a technical and internal review.

Proposals awarded during initial operations will be free of charge, but we may ask that users pay for shipping & handling for dangerous good (e.g. dry ice).

Proposals should demonstrate the intended use of the materials at another neutron scattering facility with a description of the scientific experiment to be carried out and the need for the requested service. This can be done by stating awarded beam time, attaching a copy of a submitted proposal, or a strong intention for applying for beam time (i.e. a draft neutron beam time proposal).

Users should note that the contributions by ESS staff should be acknowledged or included as authors in any resulting publications.
Please read the publication guidelines here.

This Rolling Access period continues until the end of October 2023 and has no specific deadline for proposal submission, but we will aim to deliver all molecules/support awarded by the beginning of 2024. Access is based on feasibility and internal peer review. We aim to inform users if we can support their work as soon as possible after review.

The user portal has been updated and is available for registration and proposal submission:

Proposals can be submitted to request the following materials and services:
E. coli cell paste (protein expression strains e.g. Tuner DE3, BL21 DE3)
Algal cell paste (Botryococcus braunii)
Recombinant His-tagged protein expression with user supplied plasmid (standard strains: Tuner DE3, BL21 etc).
Deuterated plasmid DNA

Support for large protein crystal growth of either protiated or deuterated proteins (incl. testing & data collection at room temperature with X-rays)