Detector Systems

The ESS Detector Group has been working on detector development since 2010 and will continue throughout the Construction Phase.

The ESS Detector Group has its core base in Lund, with extensive collaborations throughout Europe. These collaborations enable ESS to both build up detector development competence in the Lund region to support ESS during the Construction Phase, and to develop capacity in Europe to provide detectors for ESS. The goal of the Detector Group is to develop solutions that cost-effectively meet the needs of ESS’s instruments and enable them to contribute to cutting-edge research.

During the Construction Phase, a total of 15 public instruments will be built at ESS to serve the neutron user community. Based upon the requirements of these baseline instruments, detector technologies are being developed to satisfy their needs.

Photo is of the Detector Group in Linköping, Sweden, in January 2016. From left: Anton Khaplanov, Imanol Iruretagoiena, Francesco Piscitelli, Isaak Lopez Higuera, Sara Arranz, Susann Schmidt, Fatima Issa, Anna Gulyachkina, Judith Freita-Ramos, Richard Hall-Wilton, Linda Robinson, Irina Stefanescu, Kalliopi Kanaki, Richard Bebb, Dorothea Pfeiffer, Carina Höglund, Faye Chicken, Ezster Dian.

ESS Detectors by Instrument 

Instrument-by-instrument information on detector development, including contact person and requirements for each project.
List of group member publications, detector seminars, and external activities of the Detector Group.

Partners & Grants 

Partner labs, in-kind contributors, and grant funding for ESS detector development.                                                                         
The Detector Group and its partners maintain various facilities used in the development of the cutting edge detectors for ESS.