ESS at COP21's Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015

ESS attended the Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF15) at the global climate conference, COP21, in Paris on December 7-8, 2015.
The sustainability goals and commitments weighed by world leaders at COP21 align strongly with the European Spallation Source goals to produce scientific breakthroughs and innovations through fundamental research with neutrons.
SIF15 was the largest business-focused side event at COP21. In numbers, the two-day event included over 1300 attendees from 45 countries, and 75 speakers. 
During plenary talks and roundtable sessions, leaders across the spectrum of business, NGOs, and government came together to discuss and debate—passionately at times—how the world economy in its multilayered complexity can move forward in the most sustainable and financially viable way. 
With regards to research and facility management, SIF15 covered a range of topics interesting for ESS. Examples include talks on large-scale energy efficiency, the implementation of renewable energy solutions, the push for innovative technologies, the role of material design in the circular economy, governance responsibility for the supply chain, and how investors regard fundamental research. SIF15 posts can be found on the ESS Facebook page.


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