Industrial Suppliers

There are different possibilities for suppliers to provide products and services to the European Spallation Source. This section provides an overview of these entryways and a guide to the best possible way for a company to become an ESS supplier.

The ESS project is broken down into sub-projects, including Accelerator Systems, the Target System, the Integrated Control System, and Neutron Scattering Systems. ESS encourages all potential suppliers to familiarise themselves with the organisation of ESS and its technical areas.
Companies are likewise encouraged to contact their country Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO). The ILOs hold first-hand knowledge on business and collaboration opportunities at ESS and are up to date on the status of each project.
ESS is a joint research infrastructure, which provides many opportunities for industry to contribute to the construction of the world’s most powerful neutron source. These are the different possibilities of going into business with ESS: 
Direct Procurement

Current and forthcoming procurement at ESS is displayed on our procurement page. Contract award notices are also posted on the website. Companies are invited to submit their online Business Profile to enable ESS to match potential suppliers with the relevant procurement at ESS.
ESS follows the European Spallation Source ERIC Procurement Rules, which are aligned with the EU treaty principles of transparency, non-discrimination and competition.
Sub-Supplier to In-Kind Partners

Around 40 percent of the ESS €1.843 B construction budget will be realised by means of In-Kind Contributions (IKCs) from European Partners. 
Each ESS In-Kind Partner follows its own procurement rules. Companies are encouraged to contact an organisation directly if they see a match between their company’s offerings and the listed IKC Agreement. Information on signed and approved in-kind agreements and their monetary values is available here. 
Sub-Supplier to Skanska

Skanska Sweden (75%) and Skanska UK (25%) are our partners for the civil works construction of ESS. As with our In-Kind Partners, Skanska follows its own procurement policies according to the Swedish construction industry regulations. All Skanska suppliers must conduct a prequalification, which is handled through the Skanska Supplier Portal. Here, suppliers can also upload current contact details and information about the goods or services they offer.