Studying in Denmark

General Information

Please find information on Denmark’s official website on studying in Denmark here.
At the website of Copenhagen Municipality you can find the following information:
  • Finding the right university: There are seven universities represented in Copenhagen, and the universities offer countless programmes and subjects.
  • Student housing: There is great demand for student housing in Copenhagen. Find information about the different types of housing, prices and relevant links.
  • Leisure time: Copenhagen is full of students. Here you can find out where the students hang out, and what they do in their leisure time.
  • Economy for students: You can find links to further information here and learn more about how much financial support you are entitled to while studying.
  • Working while studying: There are fixed rules for how much you are allowed to earn when you get SU (student stipend). You can read about the rules here, and you can also find inspiration to find a student job.
  • Studying as a parent: Many people decide to start a family while they are studying in Copenhagen. Read more information about the benefits of having children while studying.