anders lindh olsson

Anders Lindh Olsson

Junior Technician
Detector Systems Services Section

Research Interests

Anders initially joined ESS in the summer of 2016 when he was offered a Summer project from Lund University which entailed helping set up the Utgård lab. He then joined ESS full time in December 2016 to continue with his work in and on primarily Utgård but also the EMBLA workshop. Anders will be working on the administration of the facilities as well as aiding the group with technical work.

Anders is currently also pursuing a Major in Engineering Nanoscience.

Career History

  • 2016 - present  Junior Technician at ESS
  • 2016  Project assistant (Summer student) at ESS via Lund University
  • 2013  Research assistant at Lund University
  • 2011  Service Technician, Relacom