anton khaplanov

Anton Khaplanov

Instrument Commissioning Coordinator

Research Interests

Dr. Anton Khaplanov defended his PhD in experimental nuclear physics at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm and has worked as a detector researcher at the ESS since 2010, including a three-year placement at the ILL, Grenoble. He now continues this research at ESS, Lund participating in construction and testing of detectors and the facilities required for the task.

Dr. Khaplanov’s work has focused on radiation detectors and their applications. During his PhD, he investigated novel data analysis methods for detection of gamma-rays in nuclear structure experiments using pulse shape analysis in order to enhance position resolution and imaging capabilities of segmented germanium detectors. His work included design of reconstruction algorithms and experimental and simulated tests of their performance. He has also participated in nuclear structure experiments on properties of nuclei far from stability, and has performed experiments with other semiconductor and scintillator detectors.

At ESS, Dr. Khaplanov has worked on boron-10 detectors as a part of the collaboration between ESS and ILL. This work is crucial for the construction of large-area detectors required for Time-of-Flight spectrometers at ESS. During his posting at the ILL, he was involved in design, assembly and characterisation of boron-10 detectors. The stay at the ILL was further beneficial as experience with neutron scattering techniques. The most recent work includes the assembly and delivery of the detector elements for the large, 2.4m2, Multi-Grid prototype - the concluding stage in the CHISP project for He3 alternatives. Dr. Khaplanov is responsible for detectors for Time-of-Flight spectrometers and beam monitors at the ESS.

  • Innovative detector solutions
  • Neutron detectors
  • Gamma-ray tracking and imaging
  • Applied detector systems
  • Applied physics

Current Projects and Collaborations

  • 2005-2010: AGATA collaboration
  • 2007-2010: HISPEC/DESPEC collaboration
  • 2011-2014: CRISP project
  • 2011-present: International Collaboration on Neutron Detector Development

Career History

  • 2014 - present  Researcher in neutron detection, ESS, Sweden
  • 2011 - Researcher in neutron detection, ESS/ILL, Grenoble, France
  • 2010 - PhD, Experimental Nuclear Physics, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2004 - MA, Engineering physics, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden