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Ioannis Apostolidis

Mechanical Engineer

Research Interests

Ioannis Apostolidis is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics Department from the University of Patras. He worked as an intern in the Engineering and Integration Group of the CMS detector in CERN, doing work involving CAD and FEA.

In 2016, he joined FEAC Engineering, an engineering consultancy company in Greece as a junior FEA engineer. There he worked on projects involving industry (aerospace, maritime, oil & gas) as well as large research institutes (CERN, Fermilab, ESA), doing CAD, structural & thermal analyses as well as sensitivity analyses.

Since August 2017, Ioannis is part of the ESS Detector Group as Junior Mechanical Engineer where he is going to be involved in the design and simulation of different neutron detector prototypes and large-scale demonstrators.

Career History

  • 2017 – Detector Group Junior Mechanical Engineer, ESS, Lund, Sweden
  • 2016 – Junior FEA Engineer, FEAC Engineering, Patra, Greece
  • 2011 – Technical student internship, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland