linda robinson

Linda Robinson

Section Leader, Neutronic Detector Coatings Section

Research Interests

Linda Robinson has a background in R&D with several years of experience of coating processes, and has worked in lab and factory environments. She has helped set-up facilities, equipment, sample controls, and procedures for production of thin films, both by coating and evaporation at smaller research companies but also as part of a technology transfer to Intel in Oregon, US where she lived for a year.

She also has many years of experience as a management consultant and regional manager at Propia AB with responsibility for personnel and resource planning. As such, she was also part of the Management team.

As a consultant, she led many projects focusing on business development and continuous process improvement, and held assignments involving resource management. She started working for ESS in September 2014 as a Coatings production Engineer with responsibility for the production of boron carbide thin films in ESS’s facility in Linköping. In June 2016, she became the Neutronic Detector Coatings Section Leader at the same facility.

  • Thin films
  • Coatings
  • Material science

Selected Publications

L. Robinson, J. Isaksson, N. D. Robinson, M. Berggren, Electrochemical control of surface wettability of poly(3-alkylthiophenes). Surface Science vol. 600 no. 11, pp. L148-L152. 2005.

  • L. Robinson, A. Hentzell, N. D. Robinson, J. Isaksson and M. Berggren, Electrochemical wettability switches gate aqueous liquids in microfluidic systems. Lab on a Chip vol. 6, pp. 1277-8. 2005.

Career History

  • 2016 - present  Neutronic Detector Coatings Section Leader, ESS, Sweden
  • 2014 - Coating Production Engineer, ESS, Sweden
  • 2007 - Group leader and managment consultant, Propia AB, Sweden
  • 2005 - Research Engineer, Linköping University, Sweden
  • 2004 - Research Scientist, Thin Film Electronics AB, Sweden
  • 2000 - Fil. mag. in Physics, Institute of technology at Linköping University, Sweden
  • 1999 - Astronomy, University of Brighton, UK