markus olsson

Markus Olsson

Mechanical Engineer

Research Interests

Markus Olsson is a Mechatronics Engineer with a master in Mechatronical Systems from the Product and Process Development from Halmstad University, Sweden. From 2007 to 2013 he was a CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) Engineer at both the Institute for Space Sciences (ICE) and the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM) in Barcelona, where he has been lead engineer for several technology developments. Amongst other things, he developed a 3D positioning table used for ground-truthing seismic signals using high-rate high precision GPS. For the last four years he has been a lead engineer for an EU funded project where the goal was to deploy high-precision GPS buoys in the Arctic Ocean to increase the undestanding of sea-ice dynamics.

Career History

2014 -  Neutron Chopper Group, European Spallation Source

2007 - 2013 Institute for Space Sciences, Barcelona