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Nikolaos Tsapatsaris

Group Leader, Chopper Group
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Research Interests

My professional life has been focused on the development of scientific instrumentation since the final year of my Bachelor degree nearly 15 years ago. I have been involved in a number of neutron and syncrotron instrumentation projects in the UK, DE, DK and SE over the years. I have taken a leading role in developing the concept of the neutron backscattering spectrometer MIRACLES for the European Spallation Souce (ESS) until early 2015 together with Ruep Lechner and Heloisa N. Bordallo. My interests of instrument development also permeated my scientific research and when time permits I take part in the publication of scientific papers based on quasielastic scattering (QENS) with my collaborators.

My current role in the neutron chopper group is focused on SSM licensing in terms of safety, planning of installation and maintainance acitivites, gaining access to external grants and collaborative projects and netron scattering instrument support.

Current Projects and Collaborations


  • Novel dynamics in paracetamol polymorphs, Nordic Soft Matter meeting 2014, Stockholm, January 2014, Oral contribution
  • Neutrons in Biology and Biotechnology, NIBB2014, Grenoble, France, February 2014, Participant
  • Inelastic and Quasielastic Neutron Scattering, Lecturer, IFE, Norway, March 2014, Invited Lecture, Instructor
  • Mobile hydrogen in rocky systems DANSCATT, Techincal University of Denmark DTU, April 2014 Oral Contribution
  • Hydrogen dynamics in pharmaceutical polymorphs, QENS 2014 Autrance France organised by Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL), France, May 2014 Oral contribution

2012 - 2013

  • The ESS: Neutron Scattering Master course University of Copenhagen, Oct 2013, Invited lecture
  • TOF and TAS: an overview of complementarities through a high resolution spyglass, Jülich, October 2013, Invited contribution
  • Presentation 1st year Physics Students, August 2013, Poster contribution Copenhagen University
  • ICNS2013, Instrumental and Scientific, July 2013, Oral and Poster contribution
  • Clay XV International Conference, Brazil, July 2013, Poster contribution
  • Dynamics and Molecules 2, Glasgow, July 2013 Oral contribution
  • SANS and QENS workshop, NBI International Academy, Copenhagen June 2013, Oral and Poster contribution (3rd poster prize)
  • Nordic Physics Days Conference, June 2013 Oral contribution
  • SNS USA, Indirect geometry presentation, May 2013 Oral contribution
  • Physics Day for Copenhagen University students, March 2013, Organiser
  • QENS and Neutrons, Instructor, IFE, February 2013, Invited lecture
  • Current progress at ESS, IFE, February 2013, Invited lecture
  • Nordic Soft Matter Conference, January 2013, Oral contribution
  • Molecular dynamics and quantum mechanical calculations workshop, NBI International Academy Copenhagen, June 2012 Dynamical relationships in pharmaceutical polymorphs, Oral and Poster contribution, participant
  • ESS organised meetings IKON2,3,4,5 S&S2012,2013


  1. Terrahertz Spectroscopy Workshop, Berlin, November 2011 “Ionic conduction in high degrees of freedom, an Inelastic Neutron Spectroscopy study”, Oral contribution
  2. ESS Neutron Spectroscopy Simulations, Berlin, October 2011, mini workshop on elastic/inelastic sample simulation of neutron spectrometers (5 oral contributions 17 participants, Organiser/Lecturer).
  3. MCNSI7, Monte Carlo workshop, Prague, July 2011, Oral contribution: Design of the TOF spectrometer NEAT and error identification on chopper disks
  4. HZB representation of the NEAT Upgrade project at the HG Doktorandenkolloquium, Potsdam, July 2011, Oral contribution
  5. ECNS2011, Prague, July 2011, Poster contribution: Chopper Optimisation of the NEAT Upgrade at HZB
  6. VITESS Development Workshop, Berlin, June 2011, Invited Oral contributions: Future ideas for VITESS, Improving VITESS components
  7. ESS Instrument Design Workshop, Lund, May 2011, LecturerOral contributions and teaching the design of TOF instruments simulations for the future ESS (diffraction and spectroscopy for spallation sources)
  8. Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Seminar, Energy materials research by neutrons and synchrotron radiation, Bonn, May 2011 Poster contribution: Superionic conductor research using neutrons and x-rays
  9. Berlin Neutron Scattering School (30th), Berlin, 2010, Practical Coordinator and Instructor for NEAT spectrometer
  10. SNI2010, Deutsche Tagung für Forschung mit Synchrotronstrahlung, Neutronen und Ionenstrahlen, Freie Universität, Berlin, February 2010, Poster contribution: NEAT Upgrade
  11. Berlin Neutron Scattering School (29th), Berlin, 2009, Lecturer, Oral contribution for TOF Spectroscopy)
  12. ICNS2009, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, 2009, Poster contribution: Virtual Experimentation on NEAT
  13. 4th European Conference on Combinatorial Chemistry, Eurocombi-IV, Italy, July 2007, (Poster Award: High-throughput analysis of catalysts)
  14. XAFS13, San Francisco, USA, 2006, Oral contribution
  15. SRMS5 Chicago, USA, 2006, XAFS13, San Francisco, USA, 2006, (Poster contribution)
  16. SRI2006, Daegou, South Korea, 2006, Oral contribution

Selected Publications

    Career History

    • Feb 2015 - present  Development Engineer - Chopper Group - The European Spallation Source
    • May 2014 - Jan 2015 Postdoctoral Research Scientist - Structural Biophysics, Niels Bohr Institute, The University of Copenhagen - Pharmaceutical polymorph research and investigation of water confinement in rocky systems utilising neutron spectroscopy, design of the backscattering spectrometer at ESS
    • May 2012 - Apr 2014 - Post-doctoral fellow - ESS - Pharmaceutical polymorph research and investigation of water confinement in rocky systems utilising neutron spectroscopy, design of the backscattering spectrometer at ESS
    • Apr 2008 - Apr 2012  Post-doctoral assosiate - HZB Berlin - Upgrade project of the neutron spectrometer NEAT - Neutron instrumentation design and research using neutron spectroscopy
    • Oct 2007 - Mar 2008 Research assistant - The University of Manchester- Catalysis research and instrumentation using synchrotron based spectroscopy
    • Oct 2004 - Mar 2008  PhD student- The University of Manchester- Doctorate Study- Catalysis research and instrumentation using synchrotron based spectroscopy
    • Oct 2001 - Sep 2002 MSc BioEngineering -  Advanced instrumentation for point of care medical devices
    • Oct 1998 - Sep 2001 BEngHons Electrical/Electronic Engineering - Final year Instrumentation development for acquiring ECG signals