Per-Olof Svensson

Production Technician

Research Interests

Per-Olof Svensson started his career as a copy machine technician during the 80's but decided to educate himself further and went to Linköping University. Here, he got a University Certificate for the Electronics Industry, an education created to supply technicians with basic skills in "Work Preparation", "Material and Production Control" and "Industrial Economics and Management" to the production lines in the Electronic Industry. He then continued his studies, getting a Degree in Master of Science in Physics.

Since 2015, Per-Olof is a Production Technician at the Detector Coatings Workshop in Linköping with responsibilities such as:

  • Production of thin films for manufacturing of detectors
  • Involvement in production of thin films in prototyping of detectors
  • Day-to-day running of the workshop
  • Maintenance of machine park, including keeping record
  • Keeping updated maintenance guides for the machine park
  • Contacting contractors for keeping the workshop up-and-running
  • Help in setting up procedures for quality controls and performing them
  • Responsible for book-keeping the necessary information of incoming materials (and handling thereof) for traceability

Career History

  • 2015 - present  Production Technician, ESS, Sweden
  • 2009 - Laboratory Manager, INOREL AB, Sweden
  • 2002 - Graduate Student, Organic Electronics, Linköping University, Sweden
  • 1995 - Master of Science in Physics, Linköping University, Sweden