For ESS to succeed in building the most powerful neutron source in the world, the scientists and engineers involved will have to excel in efficient design. To achieve the ambitious energy commitments, the same excellence will have to be shown in the design of the support systems.

So far a handful of public interim reports have been published, various events have been held, several press conferences have been hosted, and countless meetings have been held to achieve and maintain awareness of energy issues on a very high level.

The energy division has produced numerous publications, including a short public report, Proposal for a Sustainable Research Facility, which summarizes results from the two-year long energy collaboration (2010-2012) with ESS, E.ON and Lunds Energi (now Kraftringen). The ESS Energy Design Report is a compilation of the work underlying the first report.

The purpose of this collaboration was to enable construction of the world’s first sustainable research facility by designing energy systems fulfilling the ESS energy concept. 

As ESS has now entered the Construction Phase, with detailed engineering design, procurement and contracting, it is of great value for ESS to spread its knowledge and ideas widely, so that all companies, researchers and others can build on this foundation and contribute to both the implementation of these ideas and the generation of new ones.