Radio Frequency

The RF group provides RF systems (including high voltage power converters) for the ESS accelerator project.

The RF systems are approximately defined as residing between the wall plug power outlet and the cavity coupler flange. In this text “RF systems” means all components and subsystems needed to generate and deliver RF power to the cavities between the wall power plug and the cavity coupler. Apart from this, the LWU magnet power supplies are included.
The RF group is lead by anders.sunesson [at] esss.se (Anders Sunesson )and it has two sections, Power Converters and RF Sources.

Power Convertors

Carlos.Martins [at] esss.se (Carlos Martins)

Section Leader

Goran.Goransson [at] esss.se (Göran Göransson)


Marko.Kalafatic [at] esss.se (Marko Kalafatic)


Paulo.Torri [at] esss.se (Paulo Jose Torri)


Anders.Andersson [at] esss.se (Anders Andersson)


RF Sources

Morten.Jensen [at] esss.se (Morten Jensen )

Section Leader

rihua.zeng [at] esss.se (Rihua Zeng)


Rafael.Montano [at] esss.se (Rafael Montano )


Bruno.Lagoguez [at] esss.se (Bruno Lagoguez)


Chiara.Marrelli [at] esss.se (Chiara Marrelli)


Rutambhara.Yogi [at] esss.se (Rutambhara Yogi)


Staffan.Ekstrom [at] esss.se (Staffan Ekström)


Stevo.Calic [at] esss.se (Stevo Calic)


Inigo.DeLaFuente [at] esss.se (Iñigo de la Fuente )


Anders.Svensson [at] esss.se (Anders Svensson)