Scientific Coordination and User Office (SCUO)

The user program is the heart of the facility. Still in its infancy, the Scientific Coordination and User Office is developing a system that ensures transparent access modes, links users to instruments and maximises ESS scientific impact.

SCUO responsibilities include the following:

  • User office. Operational management of the scientific research programme, maintaining databases, streamlining access and schedule, work environment.
  • Community interaction. Organising user meetings, gathering feedback, industrial liaison.
  • Coordination of facility-wide scientific activities.


Arno Hiess

Head of Scientific Activities Division


Life Science & Soft Condensed Matter

ESS will enable some areas of life science, medical and pharmacological research to investigate with neutrons for the first time.

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Particle Physics

A fundamental part of ESS. The Standard Model is not what it used to be.

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Chemistry of Materials, Magnetic & Electronic Phenomena

Some of the most exciting discoveries in a generation are being made with neutron science.

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