Technical Management

The Technical Director is responsible for Technical Management through his roles as:
   •   Leader of the Machine Directorate, which provides a number of services to all of ESS
   •   Chair of the ESS Technical Board (ETB), where the main decisions for technical matters are handled
   •   Chair of the ESS Change Control Board (CCB), where high level changes to the baseline are reviewed

The ESS Technical Board (ETB) is a forum and decision body for technical matters of common interests to all ESS projects during the ESS Construction Phase. The ETB has the authority to make decisions on subjects that do not require use of the Change Control procedure (e.g. creation/cancellation of working groups, decisions on standardisation). The ETB can review changes before their submission to the ESS Change Control Board (CCB). The ETB can also issue recommendations on technical or organisational matters to the Director General.  

The ESS Change Control Board (CCB) was established to address Class A and B changes to the baseline related to the scope, schedule, cost and/or risks during the ESS Construction Phase. All ESS projects are represented by a Board member as well as Administration and Project Support. The CCB reviews change requests and may ask for additional information as well as consultation with some individuals prior to deciding. The CCB provides recommendations for Class A and B changes to the Director General and possibly the ESS Council (Class A changes), and maintains a log of the processed change requests and their impact on cost, schedule, scope and risk.
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Technical Coordinators (TCs) help ensure that ESS is a single, coherent, and integrated project. They are tasked by the Director General and Directors to pursue cross directorate or specific topics on a case-by-case basis.