There are four construction site webcams, updated at 10-minute intervals.


Webcam timelapse video of the ESS construction site from May 2016 to September 2017.

Credit: ESS

Camera 1

Looking east from the campus area over the Target Station (D02) and Experimental Halls (D01, D03) work area. Most of the site is visible here, including the top of the Accelerator Tunnel (G01) and Gallery Building (G02) straight on, the temporary site offices to the south (right, background) and many of the facility buildings in progress [sitemap].

ESS Webcam 3

Camera 2

Looking west from the campus area over the long-range guide hall (E02), instrument hall (E02) and lab buildings (E03, E04, E05)  [sitemap].

ESS Webcam 4

Camera 3

Looking west to the Target Station (D02) and long-range experimental halls (E01) from the roof of the site offices. The gap between the Accelerator Tunnel (G01) opening and the Target Monolith can be seen at the centre [sitemap].

ESS Webcam 1

Camera 4

Looking north from the top of the site office. The HEBT Loading Bay building is in the foreground, and Coldbox Hall in left background. The sloped earth covering the Accelerator Tunnel (G01) and the Gallery Building (G02) Green roof are visible [sitemap].

ESS Webcam 2

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