ESS Council unanimously approves the 2019 ESS annual budget

The 14th ESS Council meeting was held in Lund, during December 3-4 and gathered some 40 participants from ESS Council, ESS Management and support functions.

An intensive year ahead

2019 will be one of the most intensive years for the construction of ESS at the site in Lund. The objectives and budget for 2019 were presented and discussed leading to a unanimous approval, covering both construction and preparation of operation activities. The budget follows the plan agreed upon when forming the organisation in 2015.

In parallel to the activities on the construction work at the site, intense and advanced technical work on in-kind contributions are ongoing in partner laboratories and institutes around Europe. In 2019 many essential in-kind components are expected to be delivered to the ESS site for installation.

2018 – a year with strong progress

ESS management presented current status and the progress of the project. Several buildings on the site are completed; the Instrument Hall, Beam Line Gallery, the Lab and the Logistics Centre are all under construction; and with the groundbreaking of Campus on Monday foundation and concrete work are ongoing for the remaining buildings. The project is more than 50% complete and construction work proceeds as planned. The inauguration of the Ion Source in November was a milestone event, in the presence of the Italian President and the Swedish King.

“This progress and the achievements are quite good and deserves music. Not quite a symphonic orchestra yet, but certainly a big band”, stated UK Council delegate, Claire Durkin, UK Government Department for Business Innovation and Skills, and was followed by additional positive remarks from several Council delegates.

2018 has been one of the most intensive years in the construction of ESS, several buildings have been completed and others are well on their way, here the Monolith building in late 2018.


Planning for the future

The work on establishing a long-term agreement on forecasted costs continues, with the ambition of Council to agree on a detailed financial plan for 2020-2025, during the coming year. This will support the ESS long-term planning process and the ESS management team will work with Council to develop this plan for approval.