Caves were built for: ODIN, SKADI, MAGIC and the Test Beamline.

Neutron guides were installed for: BEER, NMX, DREAM and ODIN.

Construction update

Highlights 2023

A summary of the progress made on ESS Road To Science in 2023, with focus on the Accelerator, Target and Instruments.

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ESS Procurements

View ongoing/future procurements and contracts awarded.


Partnerships & Collaborations

UK MoU signing

Renewed Memorandum of Understanding between ESS and ISIS (UK)

Accelerating teaching kick-off

ESS hosts kick-off meeting of Accelerating Teaching project

 Helmut Schober & Takashi Kobayashi

ESS and J-PARC celebrate the renewal of their cooperation agreement

User Meeting attendees

More than 300 neutron researchers attend the joint ESS/ILL User Meeting in Lund