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The ESS Data Management and Software Centre (DMSC) is located in Copenhagen. Around 60 talented scientists and IT-specialists will be employed at the DMSC, and in 2013 we welcomed our first employees in Denmark.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, and has a total population of about 583 000 people. With Kastrup, the largest airport in Scandinavia, and the close connection to Sweden across the Öresund Bridge to Malmö, Copenhagen is quickly becoming the gateway to Northern Europe.

Official Websites of Denmark is the official website of Denmark and contains a variety of information for those living, studying and working in Denmark, as well as Danish culture.

Copenhagen Municipality (Københavns Kommune) contains information on the following areas:

  • Transport: Read about everything from bicycles in Copenhagen, to buses, the Metro, S-train, regional train, cars and parking.
  • Registration and official documents: Useful information on obtaining a residency permit, work permit, CPR number and how to get a health insurance card.
  • Housing: Read about the different challenges and practicalities in finding and owning property in Copenhagen.
  • Children: Contains information on daycare and school system, being pregnant or a new parent in Copenhagen, leisure and activities when you have children, and much more.
  • Personal matters: Here you can find information about marriage, divorce, funeral aid, and other matters.
  • Private economy: Understand the danish tax system, banking, legal assistance and what to do when in debt to the City of Copenhagen.
  • Digital self-service: Find information about using online self-service solutions. For example, you can order a NemID, register your address in Copenhagen, and register to receive digital post from public institutions.
  • Healthcare: Read more about the healthcare system, and find out how to get a health insurance card.
  • Leisure and culture: Copenhagen has a lot to offer when it comes to activities and cultural experiences, with many free of charge.
International House Copenhagen

Established in June 2013, International House Copenhagen, see also here, is a public/private partnership specialising in the reception and retention of international talent. The objective of the house is to provide international citizens with the best possible start to life in Copenhagen by giving them the comfort of the one-point entry.

When relocating there are a number of things to consider: establishing a new network, finding out what the city has to offer, and getting your family settled in. International House Copenhagen is ready to assist with everything from paperwork to practicalities, ensuring things run smoothly from the very first day.

International House offers various events on buying property, renting and cooperative housing, banking & insurance, as well as a Volunteer Fair.

You can follow them on their Facebook page.

Valuable tips can also be found on the website Expat in Denmark.

International Schools
Social Networking

There are a lot of opportunities to meet new people in Copenhagen, both local and international.

  • Leisure & Culture in Copenhagen

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    Volunteering: Volunteering is a great way to get introduced to new people and cultures, as well as to gain new experiences. Take a look at the following websites for more information and to learn about the various options: Cph VolunteersFrivillig job.
  • Meeting the Locals: There are many different ways to get involved in the local culture and meet Danes. Examples include leisure centres, associations, book clubs, evening classes, and more. To read more click here.
  • Meeting Internationals: As with the above, there are many different platforms for expatriates. The International House Copenhagen is a centre which offers free leisure introductions, free events, and more, great for interacting and networking. IHCPH also holds The Expat Fair & Welcome Reception annually in early September at the Copenhagen City Hall. The fair introduces you to a wide variety of leisure activities, with representatives from each facility available for conversation. Expat in Denmark is a network established for foreign professionals.
Excursion Tips

At you will find a full list of current activities and attractions worth a visit in Copenhagen.

The app Copenhagen Visitor Guide gathers information on different events in Copenhagen. It is download via Google Play and iTunes.

City tours:

An arrival guide for Copenhagen can be found here.

Spouse & Partner Employment

Practical information on working in Denmark

Go to

This website is your official public Danish job source. Their job bank offers you an easy and comprehensive access to current Danish job opportunities within a wide range of industries. All jobs found on this site are offerings that are aimed especially at international talents.

All you need to do is search the job bank. If you do not find what you are looking for right away, you can set up a subscription for the types of jobs you are interested in. This way you can keep yourself updated on relevant job openings.

At Work in Denmark you will also find information on starting a business in Denmark.

A list of recruitment companies is found on

More information can be found on the website of Copenhagen Municipality (Københavns Kommune),
  • Job search and career: Useful advice and information when looking for a job in Copenhagen, and Denmark in general.
  • First Job Copenhagen courses: "Courses for international individuals, providing new tools and information to improve competitive advantage."
  • Copenhagen Career Programme for international students: "A six-month mentorship and networking programme for international students." The programme runs annually and begins each October. 
  • Copenhagen Career Programme for spouses: Offers general aid in job search for accompanying spouses. All services are free of charge for spouses residing in the City of Copenhagen.
  • Copenhagen Host Programme: "The Host Programme offers two kinds of hosts; a career host, and a culture host." These hosts act as mentors to newcomers and offers general assistant and support in the job search.
  • Karrierestedet: "Situated at Copenhagen universities" and offers support to international students.
  • Mentor and Networking Programme: "Help and support offered to international master students."
  • Already Employed: Information on employment conditions, working in Denmark, or if about to stop working and go into retirement.
  • Unemployed: Find more information on the type of support you are entitled to, who can help you, and how you find a new job.
Taxes in Denmark

The Danish tax system is the basis for the Danish welfare system, often referred to as The Danish Model. Here you can read more about the Danish tax system, administered by the Danish tax authority, Skat.

Holidays and parental leave: As a resident in Denmark you might be entitled to holidays, maternity leave, maternity maintenance, antenatal classes, etc.

Illness: Find information on how things work in Denmark should you, your child or your family get ill.

At the website of Copenhagen Municipality you can find the following information:

Official website for studying in Denmark

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  • Finding the right university: There are seven universities represented in Copenhagen, and the universities offer countless programmes and subjects.
  • Student housing: There is great demand for student housing in Copenhagen. Find information about the different types of housing, prices and relevant links.
  • Leisure time: Copenhagen is full of students. Here you can find out where the students hang out, and what they do in their leisure time.
  • Economy for students: You can find links to further information here and learn more about how much financial support you are entitled to while studying.
  • Working while studying: There are fixed rules for how much you are allowed to earn when you get SU(student stipend). You can read about the rules here, and you can also find inspiration to find a student job.
  • Studying as a parent: Many people decide to start a family while they are studying in Copenhagen. Read more information about the benefits of having children while studying.

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