Sample Handling and General Use Labs (SULF)

The Sample Handling and General Use Labs (SULF) are located inside the ESS facility, in close proximity to the instruments. They will enable innovative science through optimised sample preparation, handling, conditioning and characterisation.

  1. Optimising workflow

    Design and equip laboratories around the experimental halls considering all aspects of the user experience.
  2. Safety

    Accommodate activation and toxicity hazards, interface with the ESS Division for Environment, Safety, Health and Quality.
  3. Sample handling

    Establish the full workflow from arrival, storage, tagging, preparation/conditioning, pre- and post-experiment characterisation and waste disposal.


Monika Hartl

Group Leader for Sample Handling and User Labortory


Science Focus Areas at ESS

Chemistry of Materials, Magnetic & Electronic Phenomena

Some of the most exciting discoveries in a generation are being made with neutron science.

Life Science & Soft Condensed Matter

ESS will enable some areas of life science, medical and pharmacological research to investigate with neutrons for the first time.

Particle Physics

A fundamental part of ESS. The Standard Model is not what it used to be.