DMSC server racks

Data Management & Software Centre

The Data Management and Software Centre (DMSC) is responsible for Scientific Computing and Scientific Data Management at the European Spallation Source. DMSC is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

DMSC a scientific computing centre that provides the services and solutions that users need for performing an experiment. This encompasses a fully integrated data pipeline from proposal to publication.

In more detail, the scope includes provisioning of software and hardware for user office, data acquisition, data streaming, data reduction, data analysis, data management, remote access and associated training.

To deliver this, the division holds skills in the materials and life sciences, data science, machine learning, software engineering, user experience and the various neutron scattering techniques, and collaborates worldwide with universities and other research infrastructures.   The division also operates data centers in both Lund and in Copenhagen with high performance computing (HPC) and storage capacities. Besides supporting services for the ESS user programme, the HPC service has been utilised in performing design studies at ESS for accelerator, target and instruments.

The division welcomes collaboration through student projects, externally funded research projects, or simply through mutual interests.

Most of the open source projects that DMSC is engaged in can be found on github (e.g. data acquisition software [], scipp [;], easyScience [;], SasView [;], SpinW [https:/;] and SciCat [;]).

Computing Centre

The interim DMSC Computing Centre at the Niels Bohr Institute, including a high-performance scientific computing cluster, is a Danish in-kind contribution to ESS.

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