Sample Environment Mechatronics and Software Integration (MESI)

The Mechatronics and Software Integration (MESI) platform will support all integration of instrument sample environment equipment at ESS.

The Mechatronics and Software Integration (MESI) team's main task at this point in construction is to focus on how to integrate sample environment equipment into the ESS control system and to define a sample environment control system structure. In this case the integration entails enabling a user to control equipment and allow these parameters to be stored with other experimental data.

Another important task in construction is to address standardisation of mechanical interfaces and utility supplies for sample environment at the instruments to increase experiment efficiency and reduce beam-time loss. In addition to these tasks, MESI will also work with mechatronics and automation.

MESI will support instrument teams with the following:

  • EPICS integration, integration of sample environment equipment into the ESS control system.
  • Providing drawings for standardised mechanical interfaces to sample environment equipment.
  • Providing drawings and prototypes for required sample environment utilities supplies.

MESI has workshop spaces available for smaller development work.

A temperature/magnetic fields/pressure workshop allows for hands-on integration work. When fully operational, it will contain sample environment equipment to test integration, control racks, cable ladders for installation and required controls hardware. In addition to this, MESI is taking part in the ESS Instrument integration Project ESSIIP, which aims to prototype full integration of various bits of instrument equipment. The ESSIIP project is set up in one of the Integrated Control Systems labs. 

Development Activities

  • Participation in the ESSIIP project in order to test the complete integration structure, from sample environment equipment hardware up to the user interface.
  • Developing systems for robotic handling of samples.
  • Prototyping utilities supplies controls in current workshops.


MESI participates in the EU-funded SINE2020 consortium, Science & Innovation with Neutrons in Europe 2020. The scope of our work package (SINE2020 WP7.1 ESS) is to define and develop a standardised protocol for communication between sample environment equipment and control systems.


Science Focus Areas at ESS

Engineering Materials, Geosciences, Archeology & Heritage Conservation

In situ, in operando and non-destructive probing with neutrons.

Chemistry of Materials, Magnetic & Electronic Phenomena

Some of the most exciting discoveries in a generation are being made with neutron science.

Life Science & Soft Condensed Matter

ESS will enable some areas of life science, medical and pharmacological research to investigate with neutrons for the first time.

Particle Physics

A fundamental part of ESS. The Standard Model is not what it used to be.