Accelerator Test Stands

There are three test stands for the main accelerator components in Lund and Uppsala.

Test Stand 1 concerns the main RF equipment prototype soak tests

One modulator prototype and one klystron prototype will be acceptance-tested in a dedicated test stand, which consists mainly of a hall equipped with requisite electrical power, electrical grounding, cooling water and HVAC. This will provide a solid base for the acceptance of the prototypes.

Test Stand 2

Test Stand 2, located inside the Klystron Gallery at the Lund site.

Test Stand 2 concerns the Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) of the series production cryomodules (elliptical cavities)

All cryomodules will go through their SAT on a dedicated test stand, which consist mainly of an RP bunker, a test stand cryoplant and RF power sources. The Lund test stand will provide facilities for testing the elliptical cavity cryomodules of both varieties: elliptical medium beta and elliptical high beta. Testing of the spoke cavity cryomodule series production is foreseen to take place on the Uppsala test stand.

The Lund TS2 will allow the SAT of cryomodules with full cryogenic load at the final operating temperature and with full RF load on all cavities in parallel.

The Uppsala test stand FREIA will be used to do parts of the tests of the spoke cavity prototype, the spoke cavity cryomodule prototype and the spoke cavity cryomodule series SAT.