Contract Award Notices

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The European Spallation Source ERIC contract awards result from procurements issued on the website. They are published here based on the month of contract signature and updated on a quarterly basis.

Month ESS  Ref Description Name of Company Award Value Duration
January OCT-132 Carbon Steel Plates for ESS' Proton Beam Drift Room bulk shielding (Option 1: sandblasting + priming) Toci OÜ (Estonia) 577 837.00 EUR  --
OCT-143 Design and construction of CPH server room at DMSC Coromatic A/S (Denmark) 5 930 000,00 DKK  --
OCT-105 Delivery of the ESS Bunker System Mirrotron Ltd., Partner Building and Service Ltd. and Csomiép Ltd. (Hungary) 7 995 000.00 EUR  --
February OCT-123+B3:B6 Stainless Steel Material for NBEX Inserts and Plugs Industeel SAS (France) 1 857 622.14 EUR  --
RFQ-147/158 (OCT-120) Monolith Portblock Package Equipos Nucleares, S.A, S.M.E (Spain) 5 987 972.00 EUR  --
OCT-136 Neutron Guides for NMX NBOA and BBG sections SD-H GmbH (Germany) 158 817.00 EUR  --
March OCT-151 Interior Design for the Campus of the European Spallation Source (ESS) SWECO Architects AB (Sweden) 3 000 000.00 SEK  --
OCT-109 Stainless Steel Material for Inner Shielding Industeel SAS (France) 11 007 327.00 EUR  --
OCT-76 Framework Agreement Mechanical Installation Services and Materials TESI Srl (Italy)
Power Heat Piping South AB (Sweden)
Elajo Mekanik AB (Sweden)
Framework Agreement 5 years (1+1+1+1+1)
April OCT-50 Temporary Administrative Staff (Framework Agreements) Ework Group AB (Sweden)
Adecco Sweden AB (Sweden)
Academic Work Sweden AB (Sweden)
Framework Agreement 2+1+1 years
OCT-154 Framework Agreement Turbo Molecular Pumps Pfeiffer Vacuum Scandinavia AB (Sweden) Framework Agreement 1+1+1+1+1 years
OCT-162 Mechanical support structure for elliptical cryomodules Herrströms Mekaniska Verkstads AB (Sweden) 1 101 740.00 SEK  
OCT-70 Implementation of CUB server room Coromatic AB (Sweden) 15 279 000.00 SEK  
May OCT-163 Concerning provision of raw material and manufacturing of the In-Bunker Baseplates Nortemecánica, S.A. (Spain) 127 750.00 EUR -
June OCT-171 Technical consultants for construction and design services Cowi AB, ÅF AB, Tyréns AB, Otif AB, Scanscot Technology AB, WSP Sverige AB, Sweco Industry AB, Ramböll Sverige AB (all Sweden),
WS Atkins International Limited (UK)
Framework Agreement 2+2+2 years
OCT-172 Neutron Beam Optic Assembly for the CSPEC-instrument S-DH GmbH (Germany) 149 035.00 EUR  
OCT-174 Framework Agreement for Labelling, Marking and Printers Brady AB and Collinder Märksystem AB (Sweden) Framework Agreement 2+1+1 years


ESS Ref.


Name of Company

Award Value



OCT ref no 7

Framework Agreement Office Furniture and Complements

Kinnarps AB (Sweden)


(5 years) 1+1+1+1+1


Supply agreement for the design, fabrication and delivery of 9 660kVA klystron modulators

Jema Energy SA (Spain) EUR
(including options 1 and 2)




ESS Campus - Design and Build

Skanska Sverige AB (Sweden)

fee of 9.84%

2.5 years


Agreement on Design, Build, Finance, Operate, Maintain (DBFOM) for Central Process Systems (CPS)

E.ON Energilösningar AB (Sweden)

7.1 MSEK/year,
4 MSEK/year
(2017 price level, subject to adjustment)

construction and 40 years of operation


Moving Services

Move4U AB and Freys Express AB (Sweden)

3 Millions SEK per Year

2+2 years


Solid State Amplifiers

Rohde & Schwarz Sverige AB (Sweden)

700 000.00 EUR

4+1+1 years


ITT 49

4 pcs Boron-10 enriched 10B4C sputtering targets

RHP-Technology GmbH (Germany)

58 600.00 EUR


June 83 Ground shielding and vessel support Thune Eureka SA (Spain) 280 100.00 EUR  --
88 Production and delivery of pre-fabricated concrete blocks for the cryo-module testing bunker Abetong AB (Sweden) 6 958 000.00 SEK  --
71 Salary, Allowances and Expenses Reimbursement Administration Services Ernst & Young AB (Sweden) Service Agreement

5 years (3+1+1)

July ITT-97 Enclosure (DTL Workshop) TESI S.r.l (Italy) 90 000.00 EUR --
ITT-98 HVAC for Enclosure (DTL Workshop) TESI S.r.l (Italy) 52 000.00 EUR --
August ITT - 96 Temporary buildings Modulett AB (Sweden) 900 000.00 SEK --
ITT-114 Installation report Target Station HVAC system NUVIA a.s (Czech Republic) 91 440.00 EUR --
September ITT-106 Monolith Port Block Baseplate for Target Provision of raw material and maufacturing East Metal A/S (Denmark) 292 915.00 EUR --
October ITT-92 Design, manufacturing and delivery of a cooling-water skid for Accelerator Test Stand 2  Green Resource Engineering Ltd (UK) 83 039.00 EUR  --
OCT-119 Design, production, testing and supply of two (2) High power circulators AFT Microwave GmbH (Germany) 180 676.00 EUR  --
ITT-124 Design, production, testing and supply of four (4) High power loads AFT Microwave GmbH (Germany) 145 800.00 EUR  --
OCT-106 Supply agreement - manufacturing, inspection, testing and delivery of Baseplate East Metal A/S (Denmark) 298 965.00 EUR  --
OCT-131 Rear panels MPS Crates Schroff GmbH (Germany) 48 922.37 EUR  --
V 2018/975 Joint tender with Lund University and MAX IV for electrical energy Entelios AB (former LOS Energy AB) (Sweden) Fee Based framework agreement 2+1+1 years
OCT-77 Lifting and rigging services BMS Kranar AB (Sweden) Framework Agreement 2+1+1 years
November OCT-75 Framework Agreement Electrical Installation Services and Materials Assemblin El AB (Sweden)
Processkontroll I Stenungsund AB (Sweden)
Framework Agreement 5 years (1+1+1+1+1)
OCT-142 Supply and Service agreement ERP consultancy services Arribatec Sverige AB (Sweden) 780 000.00 SEK 1 year (+1)
OCT-110 Outer and Intermediate shielding Valmet AB (Sweden) 3 467 000.00 EUR  --
OCT-111/112 Inner shieldning - first part Asturfeito (Spain) 640 000.00 EUR --
December OCT-116 Budgeting System Mercur Solutions AB (Sweden) License Agreement 5 years (1+1+1+1+1)
OCT-137 Mobile units for administration and scanning Datema AB (Sweden) Framework Agreement 5 years (2+1+1+1)


ESS Ref.


Name of Company

Award Value




Nitrogen supply and liquid nitrogen tanks for ESS cryogenic systems

Air Liquide Gas AB (Sweden)

Service Framework Agreement

3 years


Service Agreement concerning provision of ESS Financial Audit 2016-2019 and related advisory services

Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers AB (Sweden)

Service Framework Agreement

4 years



Delivery of 660 HV Resistors and 1,320 appropriate connector caps

Sandvik Heating Technology (USA)

164 724.00 EUR



Framework Contract for Laboratory Equipment and Consumables - 3 lots

Th Geyer Skandinavien AB (Sweden)
VWR International AB (Sweden)

Framework Agreement

4 years


Liquid and Gaseous Helium (He) Framework Agreement

Strandmöllen AB (Sweden)

Framework Agreement

3 years



Design, manufacture, factory testing and delivery of 1.5 MW, 704 MHz pulsed power klystrons complete with oil tank, magnetic focussing and mechanical supports

1. Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices Co., Ltd. (Japan)
2. Communications & Power Industries Europé Limited (UK)

1. 4 481 280.00 EUR
2. 4 693 500.00 EUR



Design, delivery and installation of an Oxygen Deficiency Safety System

Processkontroll i Stenungsund AB (Sweden)

1 320 000.00 SEK




Supply and Service agreement for Accelerator tunnel cooling water and electrical systems - Design, installation and testing of distribution piping, cable trays and grounding system for accelerator tunnel


SEK 9 440 990.00




Supply and Service Contract for Design, manufacturing and installation of Rack Systems

Pentair Technical Solutions GMBH (Germay/Sweden)

3 400 000.00 EUR



Electronic Catalogue Frameworks for Electrical Equipment

1. RS Components AB (Sweden)
2. Elfa Distrelec AB (Sweden)
3. Ahlsell Sverige AB (Sweden)

Framework Agreements

5 years


Framework Agreement for the Supply and Installation of Data and Communication Cables


Framework Agreement

5 years


Framework Agreement for Vacuum Components (Joint Procurement with CEA and STFC)

1. Leybold GmbH (Germany) (Lot 4 and 7)
2. Pfeiffer Vacuum Scandinavia AB (Sweden) (Lot 2, 3 and 5)
3. SAES Getters SpA (Italy) (Lot 6)
4. MKS Instruments UK Ltd (United Kingdom) (Lot 8)
5. Low2High Vacuum (Sweden) (Lot 9)

Framework Agreement

4 years (1+1+1+1)


Supply and Service agreement for Cooling system for test stand

Power Heat Piping Sweden AB (Sweden)

SEK 1 399 800.00




16 Compute Nodes and 160 TB Storage (+Options) for DMSC

Load Systems AB (Sweden)

124 797.00 EUR




Provision of Integration Services for ESS Integrated Control Systems containing 7 Lots: 1. EPICS-based control system integration engineering services 2. Embedded systems integration engineering services 3. Industrial/process systems integration engineering services 4. Control systems infrastructure integration engineering services 5. Control systems safety related integration engineering services 6. Control systems technical and installation services 7. Integration project administration, management and training services

ÅF-Industry AB (Sweden) Lot 2, 3, 5, 7

Cegelec CSS S.A. (Belgium) Lot 6, 7

Cosylab Control System Laboratory, D.D. ( Slovenia) Lot 1, 2, 7

Evopro Systems Engineering Kft. (Hungary) Lot 2, 3

Firstco Limited (United Kingdom) Lot 4

GMV Aerospace and Defence, S.A.U. (Spain) Lot 1, 2, 4, 5

HiQ Skåne AB (Sweden) Lot 2, 7

James Fisher Nuclear Limited (United Kingdom) Lot 3

K-utveckling Engineering AB (Sweden) Lot 6

Lundinova AB (Sweden) Lot 2

OTIF AB (Sweden) Lot 2, 3, 4, 5, 7

Procon Systems, S.A. (Spain) Lot 3, 4, 5, 6

Servelec Controls Limited (United Kingdom) Lot 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Sigma Technology Information AB (Sweden) Lot 3, 4, 6, 7

WiseGate Consulting AB (Sweden) Lot 3, 6, 7

Framework Agreement

4+1 years


Development of Prototype T0 Neutron Chopper System

Mirrotron Ltd (Hungary)

715 000.00 EUR




Supply Agreement: Design and installation of two cooling water skids for the accelerator tunnel

Green Resource Engineering Ltd (UK)

231 003.00 EUR




Lot 1: Framework Supply and Service Agreement - Klystron Focus Power Supplies

Divisoft AB (Sweden)


4 years


ESS ref.


Name of Company

Award Value


February ESS Ref: OCT-2015-111100001-001 OJEU Ref:  2015/S 118-213874 Supply Agreement for Design, Procurement, Manufacturing and Commissioning of the Test and Instruments Helium Refrigeration Plant, Helium Recovery System and Helium Purifier (Lot 1, Lot 2 and Lot 3) Air Liquide Advanced Technologies (France) 3.381.000 EUR -
OCT-2015-600300001-008 Framework Service Agreement concerning International Household Moving Services Alfa Quality Moving AB (Sweden) Framework Agreement 2+1+1 years
ITT-2015-120601001-002 Supply Agreement Concerning the Fabrication, Testing, Supply and Installation of Lot 1 – Part 1: Stainless steel liner beams and anchor plates in the basement slab; Lot 2 – Electrical Conduits and Lot 3 – Confinement Penetrations for the ESS Active Cells Facility RFR Solutions AB (Sweden) 262 764.40 EUR  -
OCT- 2015-600300001-009 Provision of Relocation services  Alfa Quality Moving AB (Sweden) Framework Agreement 2+1+1 years
OCT-2015-600200001-012 Office Supplies Framework Catalogue Wulff Supplies AB (Sweden) Framework Agreement 2+1+1 years
May ESS Ref: OCT-2015-120303001-001 OJEU Ref:  2015/S 175-317864  Supply Agreement for Design, Procurement, Manufacturing and Commissioning of the Target Moderator Helium Refrigeration Plant Linde Kryotechnik AG (Switzerland) 8 595 000.00 EUR -
OCT-2016-180120001-001 Framework agreement : P&ID and Piping Tool AVEVA AB (Sweden) Framework Agreement 2+1+1+1 years
OCT-2015-600700001-010 Framework Agreement for Communication Services: Lot 1, Design and production of information and promotion products Bysted AB (Sweden), ID kommunikation AB (Sweden) and Mannov A/S (Denmark) Framework Agreement 2+1+1 years
OCT-2015-600700001-010 Framework Agreement for Communication Services: Lot 4, Web development, programming and front-end design First Flight Eight Wonderleap FEW AB (Sweden), Odd Hill AB (Sweden) and Ottoboni Sweden AB (Sweden) Framework Agreement 2+1+1 years
June ITT-2016-120601001-002 Fabrication, Testing and Supply of the Active Cells Media Penetrations RFR Solutions AB (Sweden) 227 243.00 SEK  -
July RCT-2015-602102001-001 - Framework Agreements for the provision of Inspection Services  Framework Agreements for the provision of Inspection Services  Lot 1: Inspecta Nuclear Ab (Sweden) & TUV Nord (Sweden)
Lot 4: DEKRA (Sweden), FORCE TECHNOLOGY (Sweden), INSPECTA SWEDEN AB (Sweden), TUV NORD (Sweden)
Framework Agreement 4 years
August OCT-2016-111100001-002 Design, Manufacturing and Delivery of Warm Helium Storage Tanks UBH International Ltd (UK) 1 071 315.00 EUR  -
OCT-2016-111100001-001 Design, Fabrication and Installatin of Interconnecting Piping for Cryogenic Systems Power Heat Piping Sweden AB (Sweden) 2 893 000.00 EUR  
OCT-2016-120601001-003 Fabrication, Testing and Supply of lead shielding blocks within the Actice Cells Facility of the D02 building Royston Lead Limited (UK) 37 534.33 EUR  
OCT-2015-600700001-010 Multiple Framework Agreement for Communication Services, Lot 2: Public and media relations incl. Social media Aspekta AB (Sweden), Proof Communication Ltd (UK) and Mannov A/S (Denmark) Framework Agreement 2+1+1 years
September OCT-2016-140300001-001 Framework Consultancy Agreement concerning provision of Software Development Services for ESS Integrated Control Systems Combitech AB (Sweden), Sigma IT Consulting AB (Sweden), Sofhouse Consulting AB (Sweden), Human IT Consulting AB (Sweden), Alten Sverige AB (Sweden), Cosylab d.d. (Slovenia), EC Konsult AB (Sweden), Evoopr Innovation Ltd (Hungary), Helmes AS (Estonia), HiQ Skåne AB (Sweden), Observatory Sciences Ltd. (UK), OTIF AB (Sweden), OÛ Elvior (Estonia), Proekspert AS (Estonia), SCISYS UK (UK), Tessella Ltd. (UK) and Vitrociset S.p.A. (Italy) Framework Agreement 2+1+1+1 years
OCT-2016-180400001-001 - Technical Consultants & Services (Framework Agreements) Framework Agreements for the provision of Technical Consultants and Services, covering on-site and off-site consultants and specific services Combitech AB (Sweden) (Lot A, areas 1-6 + 8-11) Framework Agreement 2+1+1+1 years
Semcon Sweden AB (Sweden) (Lots 2, 3, 6, 8, 9)
Inspecta Technology AB (Sweden) (Lot 9)
Altran Sverige AB (Sweden) (Lot 9)
Tyréns AB (Sweden) (Lot 8)
Alten Sverige AB (Sweden) (Lot 5)
Vitrociset SPA (Italy) (Lot 3)
NobleTek PLM Solutions Pvt ltd (India) (Lots 2, 3)
IDOM, INGENIERÍA Y CONSULTORÍA S.A.U. (Spain) (Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 6)
Solvina AB (Sweden) (Lot 11)
EC Konsult AB (Sweden) (Lots 3, 5)
NIER Ingegneria Spa (Italy) (Lots 10, 11)
WSP Sverige AB (Sweden) (Lots 4, 8)
Avalon Innovation Technology AB (Sweden) (Lots 3, 5)
Pöyry Sweden AB (Sweden) (Lot 4)
Bevion Group AB (Sweden) (Lot 5)
Lloyd's Register Consulting - Energy AB  (Sweden) (Lots 10, 11)
DEKRA Industrial AB (Sweden) (Lot 9)
OTIF AB (Sweden) (Lots 1, 6, 8, 10, 11)
NetGroup Energy Sweden AB (Sweden) (Lots 6, 10)
Fagerström Industrikonsult AB (Sweden) (Lots 2, 3, 8)
Sigma Technology Information AB (Sweden) (Lots 2, 3, 4, 5, 8)
EnginSoft AB (Sweden) (Lot 1)
Senior Structural Engineers Sweden AB (Sweden) (Lot 1)
TDV Consulting AB (Sweden) (Lot 10)
COWI AB (Sweden) (Lot 8)
ÅF-Industry AB (Sweden) (Lot A, areas 1-6 + 8-11)
Syntell AB (Sweden) (Lot 11)
SWECO Industry AB (Sweden) (Lot A, areas 1-6 + 8-11)
ONE Nordic AB (Sweden) (Lots 4, 6, 9)
October ITT-2016-120402001-001 Manufacturing and Delivery of Extra Embedded Shielding Material East Metal Trade a/s (Denmark) 178 260.21 EUR n/a
OCT-2016-120502001-001 Design, Manufacturing and Delivery of Waste Water Vessels ÅF-Industry AB (Sweden) 1 799 000.00 SEK n/a
November OCT-2016-140402001-002 Embedded systems engineer OTIF AB (Sweden) 108 000.00 EUR 6 months


ESS Ref.


Name of Company

Award Value


October  ITT-2015-130504501-007 Production and Supply of Boron-10 Enriched Sputtering Targets RHP Technology GmbH 113 200.00 EUR n/a
 ITT-2015-111700001-012 Production and Testing of one High Voltage Oil Tank Assembly for the Klystron Modulator R&D Project AQ Elautomatik AB 107 000.00 EUR n/a
ITT-2015-180104001-007  Laser Scanning Solution  Leica Geosystems AB  94 000.00 EUR  n/a
ITT-2015-180104001-008 Interferometric Laser Tracker  Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB  191 600.00 EUR n/a
November ESS Ref: OCT-2015-600500001-004 OJEU Ref:  2015/S 099-178974 Framework Agreements Electronic Catalogues concerning Information Technology Equipment Dustin AB 10 000 000.00 SEK 2 + 2 years
Atea Sverige AB 18 500 000.00 SEK 2 + 2 years
TDC – Kullander – 3 Step IT 1 500 000.00 SEK 2 + 2 years
OCT-2015-600300001-003 Temporary Administrative Staff Services  Perido Skills AB FWA 4 years
OCT-2015-600300001-003 Temporary Administrative Staff Services  Adecco Sweden AB FWA 4 years
OCT-2015-600300001-003 Temporary Administrative Staff Services  Proffice AB FWA 4 years
December OCT-2015-600600001-005 ESS Business Travel Services Via Egencia AB FWA 2+1+1 years (4 years)
OCT-2015-600200001-009 Framework Agreement for Office Furniture and Complements: Lot 1 Office Furniture, Lot 2 Seating. Lot 3 Office Complements was not awarded and the procurement procedure for this lot was cancelled due to lack of competition. Input Interiör KC AB, Kinnarps AB and EFG Kontorsmöbler AB FWA 1+1+1+1 (4 years)