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ESS is requesting service providers to submit tenders in order to conclude an agreement for Inner Shielding Fifth Part.
The scope of the contract includes manufacturing, inspection and delivery of the inner shielding blocks to the ESS site in Lund. The final delivery for tender shall be 1 May, 2021.
The Contractor shall provide design input and produce manufacturing drawings and other documents needed for manufacturing control including inspection plans.
ESS will provide the steel plates f...
Last tender day:
Framework agreement for Forklifts
Last tender day:
The scope of contract encompasses the purchase of one (1) 100 ton meter class crawler crane for ESS Rigging & Material Handling team
The following services shall be included:
- 100 ton meter knuckle boom crawler crane
- Service and maintenance of the crane
- Equipment for the crane and
- Training
Last tender day:
This framework agreement refers to the provision of (lot 1) relocation services for international candidates and employees, and (lot 2) international moving services of private household goods on behalf of ESS employees.
The agreement (s) could be concluded with a different supplier for each lot or one supplier for both lots. Hence, it is up to the supplier to decide if they want to submit a Tender for both lots or just one.
Expected publication date:
• Transportation management, incl. Risk management
• Warehouse management for on-site and off-site locations
• Foreign Trade & Customs compliance
• Logistics consulting (Logistics design, IT and process support)
• Guidance for appropriate use of Incoterms, Insurance, VAT /
• Support to Suppliers and In-Kind partners
• Select, procure, manage and coordinate subcontractors
Expected publication date:
ESS requires a robust control of access to both physical areas and information systems. An Access Management System will be procured in order to support granting and revoking of access based on data from several feeder systems, e.g. learning management, work orders, dosimetry and scientific operation’s needs. Given this complex landscape, the preferred solution will provide ESS with attribute-based access control (ABAC) capabilities.
Expected publication date:
Supply Agreement for the IT infrastructure needed to deploy a small environment for virtualization, including VDI's, NMS and backup solution.
Expected publication date:
This framework agreement refers to manufacturing services where suppliers are selected for different expertise areas such as metal forming processes (extrusion, special alloys…), machining processes (turning, milling, drilling..), cutting processes (laser, water jet, etching, EDM…), joining processes (welding, soldering…), finishing processes (polishing, plating, coating…), 3D printing and/or other manufacturing techniques relevant for the project. This procedure is envisaged as a dynamic pur...
Expected publication date:
Production, testing and delivery of up to 10 SML klystron modulators rated 115kV/100A (respectively, pulse voltage and current amplitudes) and 3.5ms/14Hz (respectively pulse width and repetition rate). These modulators are intended to be used within the High Beta section of the ESS linear accelerator.
The foreseen production contract is intended to be based on a “built-to-print” specification, based on ESS design. The bill of materials, detailed mechanical drawings, electrical schematics, te...
Expected publication date:
Service Agreement for ESS Campus restaurant. This agreement may include services covering cafeteria, lunch, catering for ESS users and staff within the restaurant/cafeteria area and other areas ESS buildings.

During the initial phase of the agreement the contractor will be requested to collaborate with ESS for equipping restaurant and cafeteria areas. Delivery of restaurant and cafeteria services is scheduled to start in Q1 2021. Catering services may start already in 2020.
Expected publication date:
Supply and Service Agreement for detail design, manufacturing, testing and delivery of a set off approximately 25m vacuum beam pipe with adaptations for transfer rails. The assembly includes stepped piping, bellows, and special made flanges for connections to adjacent piping components.
Expected publication date:
Supply Agreement for a system that will be used to dry activated "water-cooled systems/components" before they are opened and/or moved to the Active Cell.
Expected publication date:
Service agreement for rental of printers and related services.
Expected publication date:

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