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The intent of this request for information is to obtain information, suggestions and pricing regarding Ventilation Stack Monitoring as part of ESS’s Radiological and Environmental Monitoring System.
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ESS, European Spallation Source, intends to procure Cleaning Services for ESS’ facilities in Lund.

The site consists of several different buildings with varying activities such as offices, laboratories and machine halls. The total area today is approximately 21’000 sqm. As construction still is on-going the area will increase gradually as buildings are completed.

The service delivery must include daily cleaning of the premises mentioned above as well as periodic cleaning and maintenance...
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ESS is required to investigate, carry out and follow up activities in such a way that ill health and accidents at work are prevented and a satisfactory working environment is achieved.
One of the hazards identified for those working in certain areas on site is that of low oxygen. A number of measures have been identified to reduce the risk of exposure to reduced oxygen levels. One of these measures is the provision of personal gas monitors. ESS’s Environmental Safety & Health Division is man...
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Turnkey delivery and installation of two in-house over-head cranes: One 20 tons crane with 11,1 meter span, runway beam 38,2 m, lifting height 9,7 m; and one 6,3 ton crane with 12,2 m span, runaway beam 19,8 m,lifting height 9,9 m.
Both with camera monitoring and handheld radio control unit.
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The scope of the procurement consists of the NMX (Macromolecular Diffractometer) Robotic Positioning Systems for both Sample (Lot A) and Neutron Detectors (Lot B).

The sample positioner (Lot A) is used by the instrument to handle the samples being exposed to the neutron beam, this include picking a sample holder from a basket, aligning and orienting the sample to the beam via the use of camera system and eventually repositioning the sample into the basket.

The Detector positioner syst...
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See attached documents
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TM Piping is a project within WP2 and the main scope is to coordinate the design of all water-cooling systems inside Monolith Vessel from the nozzles of the Monolith Connection Ring to the system that is connected to water cooling. The feed water systems are 1041, 1042 and 1043. The systems connected to water cooling are 1062 Proton Beam Instrumentation Plug, 1063 Target Monitoring System, 1066 Inner Shielding and 1110 Moderator and Reflector.
The procurement will include piping spools and p...
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Supply of data center routers and switches, office edge switches and wireless access points for the the ESS campus buildings and target buildings. The equipment will be needed before the end of the year 2020.
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