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ESS intends to conclude a contract for both a comprehensive Human Resource Management (HRM) system, Payroll and a Time Reporting system. Suppliers are encouraged to submit proposals for either system separately or for all systems collectively. Your response can address the individual needs of each system or propose an integrated solution covering both HRM, payroll and Time Reporting functionalities.

The scope includes but is not limited to system/s that offers functionalities for:
• Payro...
Last tender day:
ESS intends to conclude an agreement for IBM Storage Scale solution for beamline backend and post-experiment processing.
The scope of the agreement covers two storage systems:
• one for the beamline storage backend located on the ESS site (Lund, Sweden) and
• one for the offline postprocessing storage system located at the DMSC premises in Copenhagen (Denmark).
Last tender day:
ESS intends to conclude a Service Agreement for Mechanical Operation and Maintenance of Process Systems within the ESS facilities. The process systems contain cooling, compressed air and special sewage system.
Last tender day:
ESS intends to contract services for the mechanical installation of utilities in the ESS Chemical and Technical Laboratories. The agreement(s) will cover the following services:
- Lot 1: water supply, drains, ventilation, fire trace
- Lot 2: gases, vacuum
Last tender day:
Supply of data center routers and switches, office edge switches and wireless access points for the the ESS campus buildings and target buildings.
Expected publication date:


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