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ESS is requesting suppliers to submit tenders in order to conclude an agreement for the Common Shielding project.
The Common Shielding project carries the task of providing a standardised common design solution for shielding for attenuation down to a safe level of the radiation emanating from long and medium neutron instruments’ hardware and beam guides in the experimental halls (D01 and D03 buildings) and guide hall (E02 building) to thus ensure a safe working environment.
In addition to ...
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ESS is requesting suppliers to submit tenders in order to conclude an agreement for High-speed Ethernet switches. The equipment is to be delivered to ESS Data Management and Software Center located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Supply of data center routers and switches, office edge switches and wireless access points for the the ESS campus buildings and target buildings.
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ESS wishes to conclude maximum 5 (five) agreements for webshops for Electrical Equipment. The duration of the Framework Agreements for the provision of Electrical Equipment is for a maximum period of 5 (five) years.
This statement of work document together with the call for tender document and the draft Framework agreement, set the conditions and requirements relating to this call for tender.

The scope of the webshop agreements includes acquisition of various Electrical Equipment as desc...
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