ESS is involved in a number of projects funded by European, regional and national funding agencies.

ESS collaborates with leading scientists and research organisations around the world. With the goal of becoming a world-leading Big Science facility, ESS is continuously working to establish a strong foundation via involvement and leadership in several European grant programmes, engages in outreach activities, with the aim to formalise global collaborations.

Since 2010, ESS has been involved in more than 50 grants funded by the European Commission, Swedish funding agencies (such as Vinnova and the Swedish Research Council) as well as the regional funding agencies NordForsk and Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak.

Various initiatives and research programmes already showcase the impact the facility is having on the broad spectrum of potential users across academia and industry.

ESS has a dedicated Grants Team to advise on, formulate and support in the implementation of grants where ESS researchers take part.