Doing business with ESS

ESS welcomes new suppliers who can offer products and services at competitive prices. This page serves as an overview of the entry points to ESS, providing guidance on how companies can become suppliers to ESS.

How to become an ESS business partner

Companies interested in ESS business opportunities can register a business profile in the ESS Supplier Portal to enable matching of potential suppliers with ongoing procurements. The Supplier Portal is an electronic tendering system used to publish tenders and relevant documentation and to receive submitted bids for ongoing procurements.

Current and forthcoming business opportunities at ESS are posted in the Procurement Listings.

Completed tenders are published quarterly in the Contract Award Notices.

All procurement follows the European Spallation Source ERIC Procurement Rules, which align with the EU treaty principles of transparency, non-discrimination and competition. 

Supplier guidelines are available to suppliers and potential suppliers to ESS to advise on the procurement process.

Please contact ESS Procurement for further support.

ILO Network

Companies are encouraged to contact their country’s Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO), listed below. The ESS ILO network representatives are located in the respective ESS Partner Country. They have first-hand knowledge of business and collaboration opportunities at ESS.

ILO Contacts

  • Flag_Czech_small
    Czech Republic
    Jiri Janosec
    Technology Centre Prague
    Phone: +420 234 006 136
  • Flag_Demark_small

    Jonas Okkels Birk
    Senior Specialist, Big Science

    Danish Technology Institute (DTI)
    Phone: +45 72 20 28 68

  • Flag_Estonia_small

    Ott Rebane

    University of Tartu, Institute of Physics
    Phone +37 256 299 145

  • Flag_France_small

    Dr Grégory Chaboussant

    Department of Large-Scale Research Infrastructures
    Directorate for General Research and Innovation
    Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI)
    Phone : +33 6 14 66 44 08

  • Flag_Germany_small

    Dr. Ghaleb Natour

    Central Institute of Engineering, Electronics and Analytics
    Forschungszentrum Jülich
    Phone: +49 2461 61-5045

  • Flag_Hungary_small

    Prof. Dr. Gábor Veres

    Department Head, Fusion Technology Department
    Phone: +36 1 392 2758

  • Flag_Italy_small

    Mauro Morandin

    INFN Padova 
    Phone: +39 320 923-2325 

    Cristina Miletti 
    Phone: +39 049 967-7080 



Joining ESS via In-Kind

Many specialised technical components for the ESS facility are provided by the ESS In-Kind Partner institutions. For business opportunities, please contact the organisation directly, as each In-Kind Partner follows its own procurement rules.

In-Kind Contributions