The ESS accelerator high level requirements are to provide a 2.86 ms long proton pulse at 2 GeV at repetition rate of 14 Hz. This represents 5 MW of average beam power with a 4% duty cycle on target.

The ESS Accelerator Division is responsible for the requirements for all systems for the accelerator and assures that core know-how for the full system is secured at ESS.

External collaboration partners will do the major part of the design update work and a large part of the construction. They are operating with a collaboration guided by a collaboration agreement and with individual contracts for each collaborator with significant work at ESS.

42 In-Kind Work Packages, from 18 Institutes, in 8 Countries


The ESS Accelerator Construction Project Work Packages:


  1. Management
  2. Accelerator Physics
  3. Normal Conducting Accelerator (Front End)
  4. Spoke Cryomodules
  5. Elliptical Cryomodules
  6. Beam Delivery Systems (HEBT+A2T)
  7. Beam Diagnostics
  8. RF Systems
  9. N/A
  10. Test Stands
  11. Cryogenics*
  12. Vacuum*
  13. Safety
  14. Accelerator Integration
  15. Electrical Support
  16. Cooling Support
  17. Power Convertors
  18. Engineering Resources
  19. WP 98 General Installation Support
  20. WP 99 Installation

*The Cryogenics and Vacuum Work Packages encompass all such services at ESS.