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Welcome to Sweden, Denmark and the European Spallation Source!

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Moving to another country is often not an individual decision, it is a family decision. It is of great importance to ESS that you and your entire family feel comfortable and at home as soon as possible after relocating to Sweden or Denmark. To help our families in this process ESS offers help before and after the actual move.

Support before arrival
  • A pre-visit during which general information is given about the region, taxes, pensions and social security systems
  • Help from a relocation firm to find a home, daycare and/or school
  • Aid with the physical move by a professional company
  • Installation allowance
  • Tips and advice for partners concerning working in Sweden/Denmark
Support after arrival
  • Moving-in support by a relocation firm
  • Settling-in support by a relocation firm
  • Three months of ongoing support by a relocation firm
  • Relocation allowance
  • Allowance for non-working partner
  • ESS Family Forum

Please check your relocation package for more details to see exactly what level of support you are entitled to. 

ESS Family Forum

More tips on bringing your family to ESS

Living in Scandinavia

The ESS Family Forum helps the families of ESS employees keep on top of what is happening at ESS and in the area, as well as establish a local network of friends and colleagues. We also give support to those who are interested in employment.

ESS Welcome Letter

Upon arrival you will receive an e-mail Welcome Letter with useful information for your first time in Sweden/Denmark. The e-mail will include important tips, links and attachments for you and your family.

The Greater Copenhagen region, comprising Skåne in Southern Sweden and eastern Denmark, is known for its excellent work-life balance and innovation. With help from organizations like the International Citizen Hub in Lund, talents relocating to the region feel welcome and informed from day one.

CREDIT: Lund International Citizen Hub

ESS Welcome Fika with Lund International Citizen Hub (LICH)

The Human Resources Division, together with Lund International Citizen Hub (LICH), organize Welcome Fikas where all accompanying families and partners are welcome. The Swedish word 'fika' (fee-kah) refers to the popular, traditional activity of having a cup of coffee or tea with friends, accompanied by something sweet to eat (read more here). The fikas usually take place at LICH - see information below.

Upcoming Events

No events currently scheduled.

Invitations to our events are sent out on a regular basis on our ESS Family Forum Facebook page (see below for details).

Other Social Activities at ESS

ESS families are very welcome guests at our ESS After Work events and other celebrations, e.g. Midsummer Fika, Oktoberfest, Halloween and Christmas/Lucia. To keep up to date with these events, please join our closed ESS Facebook page

ESS Family Forum Groups on Facebook

To support communication we use Facebook. Please join our Family Forum Facebook page  to find information posted by us and by other families, and be active yourself too! Today we have four groups, the three others being the ESS Out to Lunch group ESS Family buy/sell/give away group  and the ESS Partners’ Job Seeking group . More information on this group can be found on the Working in Sweden page. More Facebook groups are in the works, and you are more than welcome to suggest groups according to your interest!

ESS Spouses LinkedIn Page

When looking for employment, LinkedIn is an important site to be registered on. LinkedIn helps you by boosting visibility and allows you to creatively market yourself. The site also gives you daily tips about interesting job opportunities in your area and allows you to connect to all your business contacts, friends and acquaintances. Update your status and let everyone know that you are available for new challenges, or send individual e-mails to people in your network and let them know you would be interested in hearing more about any opportunities that might arise. You can also ask for references on LinkedIn.

Please register, and then join the ESS spouses’ LinkedIn page.