Building ESS

Incorporated into the rural landscape of southern Sweden, the construction of the various ESS buildings and facilities comprises one of the largest active infrastructure projects in Europe.

The creative vision of the building envelope and grounds, developed by the Henning Larsen Architects-led design consortium, will be coupled to the innovative technical design of ESS’s vast array of scientific machinery. The technical design work already represents one of the largest and broadest collaborations in Europe.
Click here to follow weekly developments on the construction site, see the site plan, and view high-resolution aerial photos.
The facility is expected to deliver its first neutrons in 2019 and be a major driver for innovation in science and industry in Europe and the region for generations.
This area of the website has information on the global scientific collaborations that have brought the ESS design process to the Construction Phase; the construction site and ongoing civil works at the site, including aerial views over time; ESS's first-of-its-kind concept for sustainable energy use; and the licensing procedures that succesfully cleared the way for the project to break ground in September 2014.