Building ESS

Incorporated into the rural landscape of southern Sweden, the construction of the various ESS buildings and facilities comprises one of the largest active infrastructure projects in Europe.

  • Construction Financing
  • Budget
    1 843 M€
  • Host Countries Sweden & Denmark
  • Non-Host Members
  • In-Kind Contributions
    550 M€

The Building Project

The European Spallation Source broke ground on a Greenfield site in 2014, but the careful planning of every aspect of the large complex has been in the works far longer, and continues today.

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Site, Architecture & Sustainability

The architecture and design of ESS will reflect and contribute to the organisation’s core values: excellence, collaboration, openness and sustainability.

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Aerial Views

Travel back through time with Perry Nordeng's monthly aerial photographs and experience this unique bird's eye view of the project.

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Latest progress on the Road to Science

Snapshots from the ESS site.