Get Involved

ESS is calling for your input and knowledge.

Now is the time to get involved in defining the scientific possibilities for the next generation neutron source ESS.

The European Spallation Source (ESS) will be built in southern Scandinavia as an intergovernmental project with several European countries as partners. The facility will provide the scientific community with new possibilities for research using neutrons. Together with the adjacent MAX IV synchrotron it will become a world leading centre for materials research.

Are you a neutron expert, looking to get involved?

Under Contributions for Neutron Scattering you will find out how to get involved in the development of instrumentation and more, and find information on the IKON meetings for in-kind contributors as well as on the selection of instruments for ESS.

Are you new to neutrons, wanting to explore?

If you are new to neutrons and keen to explore neutron methodologies in the context of your scientific discipline, make sure to check out the ESS Science Symposia and other events. To read more about various applications of neutron methods, browse the Science Using Neutrons pages.

Get Involved in the making of the next generation research facility!