Legal & IP

The Legal Division manages and develops the provision of legal services to European Spallation Source ERIC to enable it to meet its objectives and act within the law. The provision of legal advice and services ensures the legality of European Spallation Source ERIC's decisions and is of vital importance to prevent or reduce the risk of liability and subsequent litigation.

Information for Contract Partners

Suppliers and other contractual partners formerly doing business with ESS AB may refer to this FAQ for information regarding the transition from ESS AB to European Spallation Source ERIC. 
The VAT number for European Spallation Source ERIC is: SE768200001801. 
This VAT number is effective from October 1, 2015. Should you have further questions, please contact ericlegal [at] esss.se.

Services provided by the Legal Division include:

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating legal documents.
  • Advising on the procurement of works, services and supplies by ESS to ensure compliance with relevant procurement legislation.
  • Providing advice on corporate governance, the ERIC transition, legal strategy, ensuring regulatory compliance and related matters.
  • Managing the sourcing of external legal advice.
  • Develop and provide templates for different kinds of contractual arrangements.
  • Management of the contract archive.

Legal Division Staff

Ohad Graber-Soudry, Head of Legal
Johan Långberg, Legal Officer (Contract Administration)
Fredrik Livendahl, Legal Officer (Commercial & IT)
Kati Stoor, Legal Officer (In-kind & Commercial)
Clara San Inocencio, Junior Legal Officer
Inglis Persson, Legal Administrator
The Legal Division may be reached by legal [at] esss.se (e-mail).