Well-Being at ESS

Once we have recruited our competent staff, it's time to make sure that we keep them! At ESS, we see well-being among staff as an important factor in job satisfaction. We think physical, psychological and social well-being all are vital parts in creating a well-functioning work atmosphere. We as an organisation would like to contribute in the best possible way, and wish to facilitate easy access to different kinds of activities promoting this. For example, we offer preventive healthcare benefits and possibilities to exercise with your colleagues close to the workplace. Throughout the year, tournaments, lectures and other well-being activities are arranged.

Since many of our staff have moved to a completely new country, we think that social activities are crucial for psychological and social well-being. Social activities like After Works, Midsummer celebrations, Christmas Parties, etc., are arranged by our own Social Committee.

The overall ESS well-being goal is to be an attractive workplace where people feel good and are pleased with their work situation!